I had a chance to interview Sue Murphy on one of my many trips to Prince Edward Island. She experienced an out of body experience where you could say she died and came back again. While many would hide this experience and keep it to themselves, Sue was relaxed and eager to share. The priest she saw may have been Azrael, the angel of death, who often helps our past loved ones cross over.

Her choice of,  Do you want to live or do you want to die is a lesson for us all as we all have a choice. If we choose to live, what are we here for? I believe that experiences like this are blessings and we should all learn from Sues experience. We are all here for a purpose. Big or small, we are all important and should embrace life and not take it for granted. Light, Love. Peace, Trust, Wisdom, Harmony, Abundance… Kimspirational

Sue’s Story
I was in Halifax and had a major back surgery. After the 2nd day or so of the surgery I had a low blood count. I lost a lot of blood during the surgery. They were surprised at the amount of blood loss and they had to cauterize the veins. I was in a weakened state, my blood pressure bottomed out and I Had to have blood transfusions.

To me, my experience was that I went to the light. It was a beautiful iridescent light, like a cyclone that engulfed me. I was totally wrapped in it. It seemed to me that I was there in the light for a while. More than minutes. I cant express the time. It appeared to me that there was a priest there with the long black robe and the white sultan. He was carrying the incense and it was as if he was using this to carry the spirits. He had it in his hand but also it was like he was offering the Eucharist. So he had the chalice and the Eucharist at the same time.

When I was in that light, it was a choice. Do I want to go further or do I want to come back. I remember fighting to come back. I wasnt ready to be there yet. I just felt a struggle where I had to use all my strength to come into reality, is the only way I can put it. I don’t know why but I have questioned since why I came back and what I have yet to finish. I don’t dwell on it but in the back of my mind, its there from time to time.

They say sometimes that these experiences are the real thing and sometimes its your imagination. They say that if that type of image stays with you or that type of experience stays with you that it was a real experience and not just your imagination.

I questioned my daughter afterwards and asked if there was a priest present and she said no there had not been a priest.

From the experience I got that i wanted to live more than I wanted to die. Ive always been a spiritual person and always believed in God. He was part of my life, my companion, my helper. I think this experience did not necessarily bring me closer to God and it didn’t necessarily reaffirm it for me. I didn’t need that. However, it made me know that there is an afterlife, though.

This experience left me with questions. What does he want me to do? I know that I’m here for a purpose. I think probably to be a really great Bowen Practitioner. I practice out of Health Within Holistic Center, at 500 B Queen Street in Charlottetown, P.E.I. I am meant to help who I can. Its a hands on physical therapy that activates the nerve ending in the belly of the muscle. The sequence of procedures helps the body to realign itself. Therefore minimizing a persons pain levels. I know that I am here to help people rid their pain, to help them to the optimum level of health for that person.

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My mother had an experience of going into light too. She said it was a beautiful and peaceful experience and she didn’t want to come back. We think it was her heart problem that made it happen and her pace maker shocked her to come back. Dad died 10 years previous to that and she wanted to be with him. She lived to be 87 though. That was when Mom was 60.
Sue Murphy

“We may not always know what we are here for, but in the end we will be shown whether or not we did what we were meant to do. So embrace life. If what you do makes your heart sing, then you’ll know you’re in the right direction. If your heart is not singing, then… You know what to do. Find what makes your heart sing and never look back. Kimspirational