Passing on into the afterlife is a beautiful journey that many ask me about. They often wonder where their loved ones are, trying to fathom the notion that they are not gone, but are rather behind a veil, so to speak. To some this veil is an illusion and few understand the process and grasp the concept of them being gone from the flesh but alive in a different form. Even those that can see them on the other side still question how and ask why? Even myself. Death is a human actuality that all must experience and it is unstoppable by any earthly government, authority or command. Free Will allows all of us to stay or to go and yet, when it is our time, even our Free Will cannot stop the end from coming. To understand death, one must understand life.

There is a process and a transition that all of us must go through when we die. Those of us that are left behind actually have the tougher assignment handling this transition. As our loved ones leave us, a part of what we knew of ourselves also dies. We are left wondering how we can help them transition to the other side? At the same time, how do we let them go without getting tied up in the human mind that struggles and refuses esoteric truths? Trusting to let go may be the single most ultimate mission that we may have come to earth for. Letting go and trusting that they will be taken care of means that we fully believe. What do we believe? Is it in the other side that we need to believe in; is it in God, in Heaven; or Albion as William Blake would have it? Letting go means that we have given up control and know that there is a hand always guiding us. Does that make us puppets? Does it mean that when we try and take the control that we are playing God?

Death is what we live for. Once we have left the realm of innocence; our childhood, then we use experience as a way of teaching ourselves to prepare for death. Rembembering that death is a new beginning is key. We live our lives, experiencing hurt, pain and sorrow, learning to let go of people, events, places, thoughts, and things. We are not alone in this struggle. Why do we go through all this? Does it make sense to come to earth, knowing of the struggle that lies ahead? To whom does this serve? If God is in control, why would He/She allow this to happen? Could Karma be an answer? Is Karma something we come to pay off or is Karma just a happenstance?

Many of us have lived other lifetimes on this earth. We have loved and been loved and we have hurt and been hurt. Loving another is a type of karma and this is a way of paying off old karmic debt that we have not tidied up from the past. Also loving others, giving them freedom of choice, and doing good deeds are ways to create good karma in our lives so that it will come back to us in the same way, both in this lifetime and those that we may be going into one day. On the contrary, some must experience a pain that they once inflicted on another, in order to pay off what they have done. An eye for an eye? Karma for a Karma?

Karma and experience are part of a lesson plan that we prepare and sign up for before we come to earth. Neale Donald Walsh’s children’s book, “The Little Soul and the Sun” describes what I am referring to quite nicely. If you want a quick read and an excellent gift to help another understand forgiveness, I highly suggest it. We choose our lessons before we come to earth, in order to learn what it is that we are meant to learn. Perhaps we experience things on a higher scale so that the wisdom that we need for our true purpose can be learned quicker, so we will do what it is that we are meant to do. For instance, the best councelors are the ones that had the hardest lives. If we live in a white picket fence world then we don’t have much room for experience. Without failure, we cannot show another the steps that it takes to get to where they desire to go. Without falling one cannot say they understand how it felt to fall and how to avoid the fall in the first place. Without loss one cannot appreciate what they have. Without experience, we are amateurs at best. With no experience we would feel naked and naive. Experience is no fool. Shakespeare would tell us from wherever he is now… “Better a witty fool than a foolish wit!” A wise fool is better accepted into Heaven than a non-experienced spirit. Those that have not experienced it all have been sent back for the next lesson and then the next and then the next.

If you or someone you love has come to the earthly plain and is or has suffered, smile for them. A wise teacher once told me to enjoy the pain, as it won’t last long.

Why do I speak of all these things when it is Death that I originally spoke about? Well we must die to live. When we cross over we get to meet beautiful angels like Archangel Michael who protects Heaven; Archangel Azrael, the angel of death and new beginnings; Archangel Jerimiel who lovingly shows us the video of our lives showing us what we did right and how we could have avoided things or done things easier and better. We get to meet up with our past loved ones, past loved pets, and most importantly we get to create our own Heaven. How exciting is that? The more we suffered on earth, the more struggle we had and the more enlightenment that we recieved from that initial struggle made it all worth the hard work. To inspire just one is worth the journey. Maybe that one person was yourself and along the way, from your experience, you may have had a chance to help another.

A young female spirit child once told me how excited she was to talk to her grandmother on earth. Her grandmother was hurting so bad and missed this child and the child’s sister, as they had both died of the same disease, devastating many in their community. The girl sang and twirled and told me how she loved school and wanted so much to live long enough to finish it. She was excited to announce that she had created her little Heaven as a classroom. She studied hard and worked on her certificate and was pleased to announce that she had graduated. She asked that her grandmother hold a grad party for her to celebrate her accomplishment. She wanted a cake, balloons and a feast. She insisted that the whole family come. Well that grandmother indeed honoured her wishes and did all that she asked of her. I went to the party and celebrated along with the family. It was a beautiful event. Little did any of us know that less than one month later the grandmother would also pass away. I had to sit back for a while after she had passed wondering why? And especially since I can see them on the other side, why couldn’t I see it coming. It made me question myself.

Then, one day, it dawned on me that it was not just the graduation this young spirit was celebrating. She was excited that her grandmother would soon be coming home. She experienced what she needed to, her journey was done. She taught all that she needed to teach and learned all that she needed to learn. The trust she had though, the faith that those little girls were ok was the biggest lesson that she left many others with. Perhaps some questioned why she would buy a graduation cake for someone that had already passed. Without that party, she herself would not have been able to say good-bye to the ones she was about to leave behind. I feel her every day and I carry a shoe with me still that the child asked me to give her on the day of the party. I gave her the other half and told her, not knowing the true philosophy of what I was actually saying, “I will always be here to speak for you. I give you this shoe and I will take the other half. When you need me, bring me the shoe and I will be there. I find rocks now that look like shoes wherever I go. I admit now that it is her who is helping me and she comes to me and guides me when I need it. How blessed am I to have trusted the message and became the receiver of the message later on. I know that she is in a good place; dancing, laughing and playing with those little sweethearts. Where she is, there is no pain, no suffering and all the lessons are understood. It is not them that we need to work on or worry about how to help, as they are well taken care of. It is us that we need to ask Heaven to help. Of course, we can pray for them and those prayers are well received but the biggest gift we can give them is letting them go. What our past loved ones want the most is for us to learn our lessons and to work on us. They want us to thank them for the learned lessons so they don’t have to send us new ones. For example, if we ask them for help learning patience, then they will send someone to help us learn patience. If we thank them for our learned patience, they get excited and look for something new to teach us so we can help another.

Dedicated to the ones I love on earth who have lost someone dear to them and to the loved ones in Heaven, I salute you for being brave enough to take the journey.

You have inspired me.

Thank you for not giving up on us even when we held you back from going where you needed to go.

I set you free…

I am not worried about you. 😉

Love and Light,