VABLJENI VSI, ki bi želeli sodelovati na skupinski meditacijski molitvi,
ki je bila širom sveta. Skupaj bomo držali energijo in poslali ljubezen.
Meditacijska molitev je v angleščini z možnostjo podnapisov v slovenščino.
Še vedno se nam lahko pridružite in držite energijo z nami, ker vemo da ni prostora in časa v kvantni fiziki.
Hvala, ker delite to naprej z drugimi…



TRAJANJE: 1 ura in 25 minut


Možnost podnapisov

podnapisi na YouTube

*** ZANIMIVOST:  Dear Kim. It is exactly the time when all the directors of slovene medical institutions will come together on a meeting. I hope we will be able to give our part to meditation.

*** FROM CANADA:  “The world is undergoing a fear pandemic which is worse than the Coronavirus. We need to collectively understand the higher purpose of this evolutionary situation as an opportunity for every human on the planet to guide our egos to seek answers, light and love from our souls allowing us to awaken to a new powerful reality where we collectively take responsibility for ourselves, our families, friends and communities by brightly shining our inner lights. This forced slow down actually speeds up time itself allowing us to evolve from doing to being. We see manifestations already where our inner consciousness makes us less complacent and ready for the new world that is arriving now.” Daniel Roy, Moncton, Canada