Look out the window.  What do you see?  Is it something incredible, like an eagle hovering momentarily and looking straight at you?  Is it a hanging vine after a long winter, with its new buds glistening from the morning rain and the rising sun?  It may even be a stop sign at your corner boldly screaming out its command.  Signs come to us every day, but do you always look? Do you actually see what is being shown to you?  Think back to a time in your life when someone or something showed up unexpectedly, but at that exact time that you needed to be snapped into attention.  They came for a purpose, even though some of them may have been passed off as coincidence.  Signs come in all designs, shapes and speed.  What is there that’s flashing in front of your eyes, trying to get your attention?

Grandiose or miniscule, signs are signs.  Look, see them, accept them.  They’re there for you.   Would you rather catch the experience in your hand or let it bump right into you because you’re not looking?  Use your smarts!  If ever you wonder which way to turn, ask yourself which way will hurt less?  Which way will feel right?  Then go and open up the window a crack.  Let the fresh air in and stop for a moment and look out to see what signs might be waiting for you.