We’ve all come to earth for a purpose and all of our missions, big or small are important. Too often we down grade our worth. We forget to think ourselves as important and we don’t think our mission or what we do has any influence on the rest of the world. We forget to thank ourselves for our hard work and dedication. If you’ve recently wondered if you were actually important in some one’s life, then the universe is speaking up to you now and telling you, Yes, you are important!. You are important for you as you are to the rest of the world. Be easy on yourself at this time and know that what you do for others is equally important for yourself. Take time out for you today. You are a wonderful child of God and you’ve chosen this life that you are in. You chose the family that you live in, the people that you would meet, even the circumstances you sometimes find yourself in. You have been brought here for a very special purpose. Do you remember what that was?No matter how big or how small, what you do is important. The part you play affects others in great ways. It’s important though that these acts be through love. There is absolutely nothing that you have to do. Do Child, because you want to do it and only through love. Think of a tiny grain of sand; this is you. One grain of sand, amongst many other tiny grains of sand, makes up an entire sea. Your services for others, noticed or not, help bring wholeness to our world. You and all the others in this world that believe in universal oneness, have joined hands to heal Mother Earth by healing her inhabitants, one at a time. The universe and the angels need all of you to join, one grain at a time, to make up that ocean of love and peace that we know is near. Wink at that someone who is having a particularly hard day, pick up the item that the little old lady at the grocery store dropped on the floor, say your famous joke that always cracks a smile. What do you do naturally that helps other people in some way and costs nothing for you to do? That is your mission Child. Who are you to think that you are not so important?

Keep up the Good work.