A compliment is something said to express praise and or approval. It is a gesture of respect or saying that you honour something about someone. It could be said or something that you do to show honour or to express respect and good wishes to someone. Compliments are a way of looking at someone’s strengths, a way of noticing all the little things that otherwise are only noticed and appreciated at the beginning of the relationship and often forgotten. Don’t forget to compliment your honey today. If you don’t have a honey yet then say something nice to someone you love and bathe in the joy you give to them.

Your my baby and I don’t mean maybe!
That is still my Dad’s favourite compliment to my mom and she still beams from ear to ear when she hears it.
Here are some other compliments you can say to your love.

I love that we’re together.
Anything for you baby!
You are amazing!
You are so kind. I noticed you helped that person.
I loved seeing that.
You make me so happy.
You make me feel like I could walk on water.
I would be lost without you.
All I need is you!
Thank you for making me bloom! You make me feel like a million bucks!
I am more than I ever was without you.
You make me sing!