Your angels, guides and past loved ones all want to help you. They are relieved when you ask for help, as they are bound by the law of Free Will not to help you unless you ask.

On top of that they can only help, to a certain degree, extending out only when you ask SPECIFICALLY for what you want. In a nut shell, the law of Free Will basically means, You can be as happy or as miserable as you like and we can’t do anything about it until you ask! Sorry for the inconvenience. Come back again when you really want help! As brutal as it sounds, I have had endless readings where I had to tell the loved ones on earth to ask for help or those in Heaven could not help them. God himself cannot help us unless we ask specifically.

I remember taking a CPR course years ago and Free Will was one of the first basic rules that they taught us. They said to make sure that the person you are about to help wants the help in the first place. Get the verbal consent. They said we are here to help them, not to play God. Thinking back, I didn’t realize how important those words were until now. What if they wanted to die, we had to stand back and watch I wondered? In some cases, the answer is yes. For example, refusal of blood transfusions are a controversy with persons of a certain religion and the hospitals even have to sit back and do nothing without consent of family members or the patient themselves. We on earth feel bad, not being able to help. Imagine being from above and seeing an even larger picture and not being able to do anything because of your stubbornness.

Many of us don’t believe that we deserve the help from above. We are afraid to ask and feel that when we do ask that we are bothering our past loved ones or God himself. We get frustrated because we asked in the past and nothing came of it and gave up asking feeling unworthy and secretly mistrusting Universal Wisdom as a whole. It is important that you get clear on what you really want and that way there will be less confusion. Some give me prayers I have found not answered in my own personal experience, but when I humbly came from a balanced state and asked for help in certain areas of my life I found that help always came.

1. What? Be very specific when you ask for what you want. If you are searching for a soulmate then state it and be specific about what you want them to be like. I want him to play guitar, for example. But they may have him play electrical guitar and you wanted acoustic. You later may be frustrated with your guides and angels and they will turn and say what did you expect? I gave you what you asked for and you gave me no more specifics than a guitar. Be specific and detailed.

2. Reasons. When you start giving reasons for every item that you asked for then you will find more and more whats.

3. Believe. You need to believe. You need to believe you deserve it most importantly and write all of those reasons why you believe you deserve it down.

4. Dont compromise. It’s is important that you dont compromise with yourself and make your list smaller just because.

You may not get everything you asked for. However, you never know, you could even get better. I often will say, This is what I want or something better. Who is to say that what I am asking for is the right thing? If it comes, I trust that it is right and if it doesn’t I trust that my angels and guides can see better than me and because I handed it up to them, my Free Will and often stubbornness did not for once get in the way of my true happiness.

Ask for what you want and they will bring you what you need.

Love, light, healing and protection from my heart to yours,