Those voices are real! You used to hear them quite clearly when you were a child. Somewhere along the way you learned that it was all pretend. At the same time, you knew what you heard or even felt was real. Deep down inside you know the truth. They stopped because you stopped them. Allow yourself to hear the voices again; those of angels, of your higher self and God. The only pretending now is that they are not real. Ask Spirit for help and hear the answers. Listen. Really listen.

The answers come to you in quiet moments after you’ve asked for assistance out of frustration. They come after you’ve busied yourself with some other thought. Sometimes your answers come in forms of inspiration and other times it takes a book falling off the shelf, and bopping you over the head, for you to finally read it. Sometimes Heaven will pick things up and move them to new locations to get your attention. They may even leave you a penny or a feather, whatever tickles you.

Signs come in all kinds of manners. Whether we listen or not is our truth. Are you being true “to you”, by listening and allowing these answers to be heard? Take time out today to quiet your mind. Get beyond the ticking of the clock and ask your angels and God what it is that they want you to know “now”. Pay attention to the images, symbols and messages that come to you. They are all important. They may be clues to the puzzle that you have been playing with. Listening and opening up these channels can only bring you closer to your true self and that self is worth hearing. It’s been speaking to you since you were born.

Kimspirarational, Angel Therapy Practitioner (R), Moncton, N.B