Forget about what you know! Forget everything you were ever taught for just a moment. Stop! Stop and quit listening to that old thought programming that has been taught to you by family, teachers and other important figures in your life. Those belief systems, ingrained in your brain, are beliefs indeed, but many of them are fear based beliefs from those of other people who are led by their ego. Defy gravity and go against the grain.

Believe the unbelievable. Miracles really do happen. There will always be events in our lives like dreams that come true, seeing things before they happen. There will also always be voices that make us wonder if we are just making it all up and there will be lots of ego led individuals to lead you to believe so. All of these events can be seen as defying normal logic. This is true, however, define normal! Believe for you, not for others.

Your own head, not others, gets intuitions, dreams, gut feelings, knowings, etc, . All of these things happen to us for a reason. It is up to us to figure out the why’s. What do you think these are in the first place? Who is it that is talking to you? If it was your ego, then the feeling will not be empowering, positive, uplifting, encouraging. If those feelings are your inner voice, you will not be confused, unfocused, upset to your stomach. Your higher self knows the truth.

Stop juggling with the ego and the inner voice. Just tell the ego to go away and ask your angels and Holy Spirit to help you hear and believe your inner voice. Your inner voice is the one connected to the Universal wisdom. It is the one that connects you to the Oneness.

The ego will teach you that you are separate from others and that you are alone.

You are not alone. Believe Child! You need to believe!