It’s all about the feel for me. Everyone will experience something different, but I instantly distinguish the difference between angels and past loved ones by feel. What many don’t realize is that when our loved ones pass on, they are not an angel. Angels are angels and they have not lived on earth. When our past loved ones move on towards their journey, they can indeed become out guides. This is not always the case. I have had one client who lived in New York and her guide originated from several states away. When she googled him, he was indeed a person who lived and died. He told her his name directly and was not a relative at all. Though for some this may sound frustrating, as that guide is working with a stranger and not
their loved ones, it is important to understand why. When we cross over, we are shown everything that we did or did not do. We get to feel every emotion that we ever made another feel. So at that time we are pretty much shown that we have work to do and for some this may mean community service.

Some will choose to guide the actual people that they did not love or help in their lifetime. Some others will choose someone outside the family. In many cases, they will choose to help someone who has a similar mission as themselves, so that they can help that person maybe not make the same mistakes that they did. My New York client was a business woman, who worked hard and put more time into the office than she did at home. Her guide was a lawyer when he was alive and so as you may guess, he had some making up to do. He wanted to help her change her routine; to stop and smell the roses he never took time to notice; to pay attention to her family and most importantly to live her mission, which was to do healing work. She eventually took up his suggestions and studied Reflexology, hypnotherapy and other therapies and began practicing them, while gearing up to retire from the office.

Angels and guides come to help us live our fullest potential. They want us to smile, live like there is no tomorrow. The difference between the two is that your angels don’t need to help you in order to evolve. Your guides on the other hand may have selfish reasons for helping you. However, it is a win, win situation. They get to pay off karmic debt for 2 souls by helping you ‘change your ways’ and to perhaps redeem their “evil ways”. LOL.

It’s not important to know who is helping you, but it sure helps. Ask your guides to tell you who they are. Close your eyes and jot down what you see (colours, numbers, letters…) as these are all clues for helping you know who they are. You can do the same for your angels. Ask them their hair colour, their name, their signs that they bring to you. Working with your guides and your angels are very similar. They often bring you similar signs and will often work together to help you. Your job is to pay attention, to listen and to be open to them. If you see a sign only as a sign, then you may not receive signs from them. If you see significance in a penny that you find, then more pennies will come. I know one client that even after finding hundreds, and that is no exaggeration, of pennies in a day did not see it as a sign. Afterwards she realized it was a sign and then thought, hmmm what did they want to tell me? If you don’t understand then ask them what it means. Or like I say,”Thanks guys!!! I have no clue who gave this to me, and I have no clue what it is you are trying to tell me, but I see this as a sign. Wonderful! Great job! Now… Can you bring me a sign that I CAN clearly understand? Thank you so much. You’re so wonderful and I thank you for guiding me.” So it’s up to me to notice the next signs. And either I can see them or I can’t. Sometimes I’m blocked and sometimes I just don’t noticed. You know though, the more I try and the more I see beauty in every little sign. Great or small, the more signs come.



-Fast and fluttery.
-You may see sparkles of light.
-Their energy moves fast and you may think that you just saw one in the corner of your eye and suddenly wonder if you just made it all up.
-You will feel air pressure in the room or around your head
-Goosebumps usually accompany them. It feels cold and fresh at the same time.
-You may feel like their wing just brushed up on you.
-The temperature may change around you, but seems to fluctuate
-You may feel excited or happier when you feel their energy
-You may see iridescent light,

-Their energy is steadier. You may almost feel heaviness around you. I often feel heavy in my chest.
-they are usually stationed or stand in a certain area around you (see chart) and don’t seem to move around a lot.
-Sometimes they sit on the end of your bed.
-I usually don’t see a lot of colour, although they’ll often show me things in colour to try and get things across.
-They may hold something dear to them.
-They may come with other past loved ones, so you may see or feel more than one.