I get asked the question a lot as to what the meaning is when a bird hits the window. Of course, like everyone else, I grew up feeling it was a bad omen and got fearful that something bad was lurking around the corner when this happend. However, I don’t feel that way now. Sometimes birds just hit a window. They see the reflection of the clouds and the sky in the window and they go into it in good faith that they are flying free. In many cases, that is exactly what happens because they pass on to that higher place in birdie Heaven. I have asked my guides and Angels if there was meaning to birds hitting the window and they said sometimes they do come as messengers to let us know that an end is near. Now an end can be mistaken as death or something bad, but remember when one door closes, another allows us entrance. It could mean that an end is coming to suffering, to our own personal inquiry to heal ourselves; to a relationship that is not serving us in a good way; a job that is upsetting us. When we allow things to end that are not serving us in a good way, then that means we are opening the door to allowing something that is going to serve us in a good way to come forward. Remember this, “Things Fall Apart Beautifully” Kimspirational. You may see an animal on the side of the road that has been hit. They too may be coming as a sign to help you. Find out what the spiritual meaning is for that animal. Ted Andrews has a great book that can help with your questions, “Animal Speak”. For example, a fox even crossing the road may mean you need to adapt to something and a squirrel may mean preparation. A bear may be telling you to stand your ground and a dog could mean friendship. The important thing is to find out that which each symbol means to you and you may be surprised how nature, in general, is speaking to you. A bird, remember, always means messenger and each kind of bird also has different meaning. A dove, peace; a seagull, community; a robin, new beginnings… What are you being told?

Love and Great Blessings to you all… Kimspirational