The New Year has come and we are already well into it. Happy New Year everyone! What a journey it has been in 2010 gearing up to 2011. We all know what year comes next. 2012 is going to be an amazing transformation for all of us. I believe the universe sent us here at this time to raise the vibrations of the earth so that we can come back to the oneness that we so long for.

Many wonder where they are meant to be, though, fearing that they are not far enough in the ascension that is to come. Many worry that the world will end, or that we will miss the ticket of ascension if we do not take every course that is out there and become gurus about all the wonders of the universe. Some worry if they learned enough, meditated enough, are at the right level. What is important to remember always is that balance is key no matter where you are. To do that, you have to be ok with where you are now and not worry about some level that you cannot see. Where you are meant to be is here and now. The message that the Angels have been ringing in my ear is that we need to relax. We need to get out and enjoy nature and when we do that, the natural you will find the way.

One way to find balance is purifying the Chakras and there are many ways of doing this without expensive techniques. Sound Therapy is a more than misunderstood technique that I hope people will come to understand, use and share in the upcoming year and for years to come. The beautiful part about it is that it can be done for the self, by you and in a very inexpensive way. If you have a voice then you can do Sound Therapy on yourself. Instruments however enhance the experience. I suggest getting a singing bowl, chimes, a drum and playing them over parts of the body to help align the self and encourage self healing in all areas of your life.

If you are a The Sound of Music lover or not so much, lol, you may know the song that goes with Do, Ra, Me, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do… What many do not know is that singing that song, Doe a deer a female deer… is actually a fool proof way of clearing your chakras. If you sing this song or even just the notes from the musical scale, you will feel balance in your body after doing it a few times. It doesn’t matter if you are a singer or not. Pay attention how your voice will get better and better each time you recite the notes. Also, you will be able to carry the notes longer and longer. Had we been taught about the Chakra system in music class way back when, many of us that cannot read music may have been a whole lot more interested in class. I didn’t know it was helping me way back then or I would have been more interested. I was just told to shut up and sing. Hehe.

Try doing the following front to back, back to front and take note of how your body feels in each area after singing it. This is still affective if you do it in silence, so there are no excuses for not getting it in a couple times of day. Doing it out loud however will help you feel more empowered. Do, Ray, Mi, Fa, Sol. La, Ti… It will balance the following Chakras:
Ti – Crown
La – Brow
Sol -Throat
Fa – Heart
Mi – Solar Plexus
Ray – Sacrum
Do – Root

Did you know that modern medicine can now measure and thus confirm the practice of sound as a means to promote healing? Sound creates the sacred space in which people can heal in many different ways, including depression, stress disorders, pain and emotional stress. I have been studying sound therapy with Shaman, Pierre Garreaud, and I have been astounded by the changes that it has made in me and the clients I have been working with.

I recently had a sound healing session with Kim (just the healing part, no reading in this instance). It was quite incredible. I still remember how expanded and strong/confident I felt at the end of the session. A lot of things happened, what was causing me pain and suffering was gone, replaced by light and positive energy. It’s almost impossible to describe what happens during a sound healing, because it’s always different. Flutes, drums, the human voice and other instruments are used to put the healee (person being healed) in a trance-like state. Blocked and dense energy are removed (amongst other things). As the healee, I keep my eyes closed, so I can focus inward and be attentive to how I’m feeling. I love her style and energy, the way she explain what she is doing and how she listen to me as the session progresses. She provide a safe, respectful and loving healing environment. This practice may be new in North America, but it’s based on ancient wisdom. Kim live the way she heal. She have a gift… I recommend her to anyone with an open mind and an open heart. She will impress you. And your spirit will thank you. Note: As a long-time yoga practitioner and recent qigong adept, I have experience how stagnant energy/circulation can really wreak havoc on your health. When sound healing came into my life, it was simply another healing and empowering tool.
Sonia Mallet, Dieppe (NB)

Where ever you are in your learning process, don’t feel that you are behind or ahead of anyone. You are exactly where you are meant to be. What is important, though, is for us to learn the valuable techniques that were used in places that we likely lived years and years ago. Places like Lumeria used music to heal and many believe that Egypt used choirs of thousands of voices to raise vibrations in order to get the humans they had working on the pyramids to do the great things that they accomplished.

I will be doing a mini course on sound therapy January 18th in Salisbury, N.B. and January 21st, 2011 in Moncton, N.B., that can help you practice the above mentioned technique to clear your chakras and much more. It will be a 2 hour course, like many of my mini courses, outlined in the bookings and events section of my website. Further directions are listed there as well.

Enjoy being you and know that you need nothing but to open your heart and do what it is that you are meant to do. Get out there and sing your song this year at the top of your lungs.

The universe is listening and so is your body!

Love, light, healing and protection from my heart to yours.
Kim Doucette.
Kimspirational, ATP(r), Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada