I left my office tonight talking to Krista and the street lights were flickering off and on. The lights in a nearby building kept turning on too and we both felt strongly like spirit was trying hard to get our attention. I left still wondering and got home tonight at 11pm and the roads in the country side are dark and dreary on a winter night like this. My angels told me clearly to stop and get the mail. I wondered if they were crazy having me stopping at that hour. Dispite my fear of stopping in the dark at the mailboxes that are a half a kilometre from my house, I stopped to get the mail. I was disapointed when I opened the box with my key to find nothing in the mail. I thought, hmmm? Why did my angels tell me to stop to get the mail? I stopped and listened to the silent night, thinking well maybe I’ll hear coyotes in the distance and I looked around and let my eyes focus, hoping to see a deer cross my path or something exciting. Nothing popped up at all and so I turned to get back in the car. When I stepped forward, the headlights shone on an envelope that someone had obviously dropped sometime today. I looked at the name in the light, realizing the name was that of my own. I thought, wow that is strange and totally understood why the angels wanted me to stop in frigid weather at such an hour. There was a cheque in that envelope from a lady who sent a beautiful letter inside telling me how much I helped her and that she was trying hard to change her life after my help. I was beaming enough to light up the sky for the rest of my drive home. Funny how we question our guidance so much… even when we practice not to. Thank you abundance angels for reminding me that I’m always taken care of.