Indigo children is a hot topic that comes up in my daily work over and over. Many wonder if they themselves are an Indigo or if someone they love is one and the search can seem endless and confusing. I am an Indigo myself and anyone knows that from my drive to get out there and want to help the world. Indigos are the first to tell you that they get drained and so it’s so important that if you are an Indigo that you learn to take care of number 1 first. I am still learning to do that, but taking time out from the worlds woes by doing things for the self is the first mission an Indigo should take on. By doing self work first, we can all give more to the world. Going for daily walks and connecting to nature, one always connects better with themselves and the world as a whole for example. Other ways I nuture myself is to shut the phone off when I take a salt bath and I call on Archangel Michael and Metatron, who watch over Indigos, Crystals and Rainbow children very closely. If you ask Michael to watch over you and vaccuum away all lower energies that do not serve you in a good way, you won’t carry anything that you are not meant to at the end of the day. I call on Michael all day and suggest to ask him to help you at least 2 times a day.

I wrote out Indigo traits below in point form and I hope it helps you understand yourself or someone you love in some way.

Love and much much light…


-Born 1975 and onward, though could be born before that too.
-Came to earth with a purpose and do not always know what that purpose is, but has a driving force within them to change the world in some great way…
-system busters. Often will not allow others to be hurt, even by authority and would rather get in trouble themselves rather than seeing someone weaker getting hurt or being treated with any kind of injustice
-often have low blood sugar ( not all say they have this but this is more than usually in many cases I’ve studied. I personally have hypoglycemia for example)
-very psychic (Strong B.S. detectors lol) and are often picking up and absorbing others energies. They often are empathic (Feeling what others feel and sometimes have a hard time distinguishing between their own feelings/pain from others)
-Indigo’s can be the biggest self-sabatagers you may know. (No I don’t know any… haha) 🙂
-Indigo’s are often to themselves or very outgoing. When they are inspired to inspire they can help til they drop. If an Indigo is feeling saturated from the woes of the world, that they have absorbed, then they can be unsocial and inward and either stay away from others or lash out at the world from their inner frustrations. Therefore Indigo’s need constant care and healing or they will wither internally and feel they have nothing to offer to the world. Working with Archangel Michael to vacuum away negativity is a great way to help an Indigo. Eating right and getting lots of water and exercise is key in the success of an Indigo.
-Indigos came to this world to make changes and to make way for the new generation of children that are coming and will bring this world to more peace and harmony.
-Indigo’s often have been coined as being ADHD and are medicated when all that they need is proper care and feeding.
-Indigo’s need to create constantly!!! This expression helps them deal with emotions and helps them vent and release so that nothing is held in and so, the worlds events do not clog them internally.
-Indigo’s children are often Crystal. Crystals are the ones that have rainbow children.

There are many traits of an Indigo. I could write about it forever. I look forward to posting more articles soon to help others understand more about Crystal and Rainbow Children. Stay tuned in. For now, I hope this helped in some way.