Something has not fallen into place yet or the timing is just not right. If you have a gut feeling telling you that something is off, then you are probably right. Wash the windshield of your life before moving forward with this. Is there a lesson that first needs to be learned or taught before your next move? Is learning to trust and stay put part of that lesson? Take some time alone and listen again to that wonderful voice that serves you from a higher place. Ask your angels, especially Archangels Michael & Jophiel to clear away your ego, so you can hear clearly again.

Know that roadblocks may also be put in front of you so you will not proceed. God and the angels set them for us sometimes and always out of love. It may feel frustrating at first, but in the end we usually can see afterwards what we cannot right now. We often admit later that things happen for a reason.

Think back to a time when you were upset because nothing worked out the way you were expecting and wanting it to. Remember how frustrated you felt and how everything seemed out of your control, like a hot air balloon without a pilot. Now think about the hidden blessings that may have come with it (not happening) at that time period.

Thank heaven now for your current situation working out exactly the way that it is meant to. The Universe knows exactly what it is doing. Everything will work out perfectly. Just stop for now. Take a deep breath, touch your toes and change up your energy flow. Heaven knows what is best for you Child. Just let it happen. Let yourself go with the flow… let yourself float away and know that you’ll land in the right spot.

You are so special!!! I love you all so much. I thank you for your comments and ongoing support. I pray that this website serves you and inspires you long into the future. Inspire me with your own stories. I am collecting spiritually inspired stories for later publishing. Inbox me! And Join me on Facebook under Kimspirational Readings or my facebook fan page Kimspirational’s Angels and tell me what you would like to see on the site. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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