“ANGEL MESSAGES ON 2012 WITH KIMSPIRATIONAL: We live in a world that is speeding up, which means it is time to take in more and more Universal Love and Light. It’s also time to start paying attention. We first need to learn to take in each moment so that we can enjoy the bigger picture as things unfold universally. It is time to learn from the past, acting in the now and seeing the true beauty in all of our teachings. We need to stop asking for lessons that are already learned. There is excitement in the air as 2012 is nearing… And yet many are feeling uneasy at this time, not knowing what is going to happen with all the talk of the Mayan Calendar ending and so on. Are we ready for what is coming? What is coming exactly? How afraid of this should we be? The answer is that perhaps as nervous and excited as Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon. In my opinion, it is time to get excited!!

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!” Neil Armstrong

Armstrong maintained after the moonwalk that he actually said, “One small step for a man”, though the world heard, “for man”. For the humans living at that time period, if asked where they were at the time of the moonwalk they would virtually say, right there with Neil. They would remember every second of what they were doing at that given time period. The world was indeed “ONE” taking that GIANT STEP through Armstrong. He just had the honour! There have been more recent times on earth that we have unified as ONE INTERNATIONAL NATION.

911 was another time when the earth united. As hard as it may seem to understand it, the world was one at that moment when that last tower went down. I was in South Korea at the time, watching the whole thing, completely connected and in complete awe!!! I walked the journey with those in that building that day, and as a medium, let me tell you, it is a day I will never, ever forget. Whether we realize it or not, or care to admit it, 911 was also an important leap for mankind. I know it changed me forever. That event is really when our earth of today shifted and the preparation of Oneness fell upon us… Literally!!

Neil Armstrong took the first step, indeed for mankind to help us reach out to the universe, touching what was once the ethers and made it real and tangible. He helped us to truly believe that there is something greater then ourselves out there… He gave us hope!! If we look at things from a higher perspective looking down for a moment, putting aside the emotion that goes with it, we’ll understand that In September 2001, the 911 attacks on the USA brought us to our knees. Those who hadn’t prayed for a long time, found GOD that day and for weeks/months/ years to follow, they remembered!! Not to forget the famous Tsunami struck us hard December 26th, 2004 washing us away in dismay, forcing us all to humble ourselves to the creator and not to take life for granted anymore. Phuket, Thailand was where I spent the Millenium, precious few years before and when I thought about how short our time is here on mother earth, it hit me with my own wave of emotion and once again I was brought to my knees. I have my own Thailand memory of which I’ll share…

I went to Thailand 2x when I lived in Asia for 4 years as a Teacher in South Korea. I have fond memories of the boatman that pulled me out of shark infested waters, after I cut myself bad on a rock. I was rammed up against it, after a (foreshadowing??) wave washed me up against the embankment in 2000. He just happend to be one of the victims of the 2004 Tsumami. Kong was his name. I honour him today and I thank him for saving my life and giving his. His death, to me, represents the fall of Atlantis… in which it was a cleansing of the earth after we failed her. The scuba divers that he worked for were waiting on the beach for the sleepy-headed customers to show up when the Tsunami hit. I bet they’ve never been so happy to sleep in, in their lives. The divers decided when the Tsunami hit, to face the wave by holding onto a tree and intertwining themselves together tightly and holding on for “dear life”. They did that and lived to recount the tale, which included seeing poor Kong out there in the boat that sunk to ground level as the water sucked its way outwards before the huge wave came. It washed over him and took him as well as the others standing on the beach.

I do not share these events and stories to scare anyone. In fact I do not sense disasters coming or even feel it will happen for 2012. When I think of what’s next, I think of positive only. I go back to the HOPE that Neil Armstrong gave us that day and I honour his teachings, knowing that I personally don’t need a disaster to learn to walk the earth as one. I want to live in a way that brings harmony to myself, which exponentially expands outwards and brings harmony to others. I learned it through Kong, who took one giant step for mankind!! He is my King Kong!! I have learned my lessons and I know that its possible for all of us to have learned too. One individual at a time, we can bring unity to the world.

We have been striving to better the world and to become aware. How have we done that? We are learning to re-embrace natural medicines, to use crystals and sound to heal ourselves, and to go with the magical flow that our own bodies offer us; showing us what we need when we need it (quick examples are learning to drink more water, eating better, and giving up vices like alcohol that are not serving us anymore; our bodies are starting to tell us NO).

If we want to live in that kind of world, we first have to start “noticing” and taking note of what’s happening around us. We’re becoming more sensitive, more conscious that there is more out there then ourselves. We are shedding the “EGO” Consciousness and we must be certain that we heal ourselves at this time before working on others, so that the “EGO VIRUS” does not spread any further. When needed, many are even retreating at this time. This is needed so that our Higher Selves can Download the good that is being offered at this time, so that we may emerge with a renewed sense of Oneness, Hope, Joy, Peace, Wisdom and most importantly Sincerity for what we are really wanting for this Earth.

How do we attain all those things and hold that energy? It is important that we go with what feels right. We are coming back to an age of Atlantis and Lumeria. People at that time were sometimes first-comers to the earth. They came from places beyond where they lived in harmony and peace and they brought those truths to the earth. They managed to live quite some time in a balanced way; using natural medicines of the earth. Many of the first Shamans were from this time period. There was no time and space there. They didn’t judge others. In fact, healers were true healers, which means they were Pure Divine channels which the higher dimensional beings worked through to heal. Because they did not have Karma to work through, these Channellors of the light were able to help others in the purest form. Their intention in coming to the earth was to maintain a balance to ensure that the earthlings had some guidelines to follow. Many were angels from several different realms that acted as the healers.

Today we can pinpoint many of those Earth Angels coming back to earth once again. Some are here on their last mission, this time to re-store the balance that earthlings, obviously lost along the way. The Oneness that we are about to enjoy is beginning already and so this is why 2012 is so important. We get all excited thinking a new world will emerge and we’ll all be levitating and be all changed beings within a few months time, while others expect a destroyed world. Both are correct and incorrect at the same time. Internally we have shifted. The arms of Duality, which first turned after the “fall of Atlantis” and the Reign of Egypt and WWI and II are now turning around and heading us back into a place where we have the opportunity to gain ONENESS once again. We first have to understand duality and ego consciousness in order to embrace the new.

Duality means somehow, some way we split. This could explain why so many people are finding their Twin Flame partners in this lifetime, as it is so important to become whole before we find that Oneness. And yet, even in these relationships the individuals have to be completely balanced within themselves in order to stand with their Twin. What is a Twin Flame? We were once whole beings, with no Karma, as was mentioned in the time of Lumeria, and Altlantis and other societies like Samaria. Many of us decided to split our spirits into 2 halves, so that we could experience the Creator in all its “duality”. Hmmm? This polarity allowed us to experience the female/male aspects of the self in a greater form and the intension would have been much like the concept of cloning. Two are better than one!! Therefore we could spread out into the world, the universe in a larger scale and ensure that balance be formulated and maintained. This was a great idea and in some ways thank goodness we did that because now we have double the chance of restoring that which we messed up. So finding the twin is a common theme amongst Lightworkers especially at this time. What is important to remember that the Twin Flame energy is the CREATOR!!!! We can easily create a second DUALITY by obsessing over having to have a Twin Flame and trying to make it happen quicker than it is intended to happen. Remember, we are emerging into the ONENESS; we are not quite there yet!! This is key because we still have to allow the twin and others in general to find their inner balance.

It is inner balance after all that we are seeking. Once we individually find that, we have restored our inner world. It is then and only then that we can truly become true channels of healing and help others on a scale that we have come back for.

And if we may touch on the subject of Ascension, since this is another common theme that is becoming extraordinarily misunderstood! There is no one above and no one below!!! We are on individual journeys indeed and yet we are all from the same source. Remember, the twin energy will be synthesized once the individuals have amalgamated and unified themselves with the Love and Wisdom of the Universe. And also remember that by doing so we are able to help others.


When we raise our vibration the world begins to heal. We affect others around us naturally when we clear and heal ourselves, so virtually none are above and none are below because we came here as a team to cause this shift together. We were all once in Heaven, and likely more than once. The adults on the earth today have been here for many generations and are often old souls here to start the restoration. The newer children of the earth are the New Earth Angels, here to hold that balance for us. Many of them are from other universes, new to us, with none or little Karma and will hold the energy for us if we let go enough to let them take over. We must not see ourselves as above anyone, if you want to see the truly ascended, then look into a child’s eyes. They came to earth actually lowering their vibrations, from wherever they’ve come from to fix our mistakes and to save our beautiful earth, and yet they look up to us still. That is Ascension!!!

The Ego Consciousness is being restored which is important to understand. What is it in a nut shell?? We could blame males if we wanted and say they took over and suppressed women. Or we could say the imbalance happened and within that duality the males suffered temporary loss of Higher Self Consciousness when the collaborated Ego Consciousness took them over. Men are learning to allow their sensitivities to shine once again. Women now have to be aware and not use this against the world by being the ones to carry that EGO VIRUS. That is not the kind of Balance we are aiming for. Oneness means all is forgiven, nothing is lost, and all is well now!!!

As 2012 fast approaches then… and as things start to speed up, remember to take time for you. Pull back if needed at this time, and be kind to others. Allow your thoughts and feelings to come and go like the waves of the ocean. Honour your feelings and if you need to cry, allow those tears to come out. We owe it to mother earth anyway for all the salt that we consumed from her… give back. If you are happy, then allow that to be within you, if you are dealing with old pain, allow it to come up… this is how we find balance, not by keeping it in. Just remember, though that you are you and others are others and yes we are one… When you hurt the world hurts… Don’t allow the world to carry the pain and suffering of our ancestors anymore. Do the work, let them go… and lets walk together into the new earth that has been promised. Walk it without fear, without worry and without suffering. ENOUGH!!!!!

…Enough of the pain pattern that we have seen here on the earth the last decade and decades before…

Here is to HOPE!!

One small step for a woman/man, One giant step for ONE-KIND!