“Yes, Yes, Yes! 2012 is almost here! The Year of HOPE. After a year of challenges, don’t forget to look back and thank the creator for all the meaning and purpose that came with all these adversities. All happens for a reason. When we live our life seeing EVERYTHING as a sign and symbol from above, then we never live without meaning and purpose! Be happy and grateful for all that you were forced to face and let go of in 2011. Whoo hooo you don’t have to carry it with you into this New Year! Pray for HOPE (see fb page by that title) tomorrow. 5 mins, 5 hours or the whole day… whatever you feel to do, put it out there into the future for the children of the earth that HOPE exists and is welcome onto this earth…

I’ll be praying that children of the earth (which includes us adults) will be free to be who they truly are, remembering why we came to earth and being able to move backwards when needed to move forwards. In other words, I will be praying that the natural medicine world will be respected and brought forward once again, that natural foods will be respected in grocery stores and be properly displayed, and that women and men alike will take a stand and ask stores politely to display magazines that won’t make our young girls turn into women who feel they have to be someone that they are not to be liked. I will be praying that our children will be taught to respect themselves so that they grow up as sacred women and sacred men, just like when they were born; pure, innocent and fully alligned with the creator, trusting fully that they will always be provided for in a sacred way! I will be prayiing for HOPE!

We keep saying we want the world to change. We keep praying for HOPE, but what is that?? What is a year of HOPE??The Year of HOPE is a new phase in the existence for humans and yet it is also partly going back to the old, the natural way, like how they lived in Atlantis for example! We want to up the energy don’t we? We want to live in a higher vibration don’t we???? Then move into 2012 and leave all that brings us down behind!!! Ask yourself honestly… is this working for me? Is that working for the world? If it isn’t then ask, which way brings me closer to who I really am?? If it doesn’t at all, then let it go or vow to take a stand for the next year and beyond and make the changes within yourself that will help the world take a stand!!

Join me on the Pray for Hope page of facebook for a day of Prayer Jan. 1 2012. I’ll be singing , drumming, praying… all those things that make my heart sing. Why? Because I want to bring HOPE into the New Year and for years to come!!! …Because when I do those things… that is who I really am!!!”