It’s 2012!!! We worked sooo hard to get here! Now what??

We have had so many wonderful lessons to draw from. 2011 brought so many changes for so many people and I am one of them! Some are still experiencing these changes but none are without meaning and purpose. As we review the past year (Archangel Jeremiel loves to help with life review btw) we cannot help but smile at the mere fact that we got through what we needed to and have lived to tell the tale. We did what we had to do so that we can do what the universe now wants us to do. No matter the hurdle we drew strength, knowledge, courage, and understanding from all of it. I am so happy and grateful for all that I experienced in 2011. It has made me who I am today as “I stand strong for 2012”.

So what now? After all the hoopla that was out there on the internet and TV about 2012 some of us are feeling disappointed almost that we are not flying high and are ascended like some told us that we would be. So what was the hype? Is this like the millennium where people expected mass destruction and then lived a normal life afterwards feeling kind of silly for feeling so worried and having listened to the rallied fear of ego consciousness?

Whatever the case, the more important thing is to understand what 2012 is really about. In my opinion, 2012 is about coming back to the true self. We can all be ascended and all are one and no one is above and no one is below. The ones that ascend are those that begin to live in a natural way, bringing back the original ways and leaving the plastic world to the wayside. We have brought in so much that is unauthenticated in our world and so finding the sacred space within, has been near impossible for most of us. Like a person that grows up in the city, it is difficult for them to understand the beauty of the country. So it is sometimes better to raise a child in the country, kind of thing, so that they appreciate both when they are forced later in life to live in the city. They will enjoy their time in nature afterwards and remember the sound of the running brook one day when traffic and exhaust is depleting their energy field. They will make sure they leave the “plastic world” and go back to their humble beginnings and “remember” who they really are!

Children are our truest teachers and its time that we allow their wisdom to shine. Spending time with a child is spending time with the Creator. Truly they are closer to the universal truths as they are less tainted by the worlds programming that has been engrained within us adults from generations and generations of letting go of the natural world. And yet, we are the ones about to taint these children!!!! Yes us!!!

I ask that we never forget that. Please!!!!! We are the Future!

How do we secure a future for these children and bring HOPE to them? We do this by learning to be our true selves in the purest form possible. I am making a commitment to the world by committing to myself! Through prayer, I have come to realize that as we transform, the world transforms around us!! So we as individuals make up the whole. Afterall, we are one!!!

One love, one wisdom, one joy, one embrace, one kiss, one purity, one sensational wind, one breathe, one rainbow, one spirit, one destiny, one babbling brook, one dance, one step, one jump, one leap, one commitment!!!!

Yes, one commitment!!!

We as individuals make up this ocean of people of the world. We are not actually a world made up of countries & towns… we are a globe made up of individuals that are all connected by one consciousness. When Africa is hurting, I hurt. When the world celebrates, I celebrate. “We are the world, we are the children”.

We are one!

This New Years Day I am participating in the Pray for Hope Day! To me 2012 is the year of HOPE! What does that mean???

It means we can do it guys!!

It means we can bring up the vibration of the earth so that mother earth does not have to keep throwing up all that we have pushed down inside her. If it’s through letting go of our past and shedding tears then I’ll do whatever it takes to save her so she can nourish them (the children for generations to come!) I am facing what I need to so I can honour her in a good way. Mother Earth provides us with so much, even salts of the earth. How beautiful is it to allow our tears to flow so that we can re-nourish her with all the salt that we have taken from her. Get it out! Allow yourself to honour the emotions that come in the next hours, days, weeks, months. Face what you need to and really, truly heal. Give the new children that will be entering this earthplane a chance!! Give them HOPE! It is up to us to nurture them. Imagine if your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents from 7 generations back had of done their own healing and taken a stand way back then?? What would the world be like for you to live now?? What would be different?? Oh soo much!

What is in store for our future here on mother earth???

I see a world where children will grow up in a sacred way; learning about sacred spaces in the truest and purest form; learning that their bodies are sacred and knowing how to treat themselves correctly so that they will know how to be treated when they choose a mate and also knowing how to treat others!!! Yes!!! I know this is possible and I also know that it is up to us, the adults to create safe places for children so that they CAN and WILL have this happen for them!!! I am not actually asking you… I am telling you, our children deserve Sacredness!!!

We have to live in a way that we respect ourselves, in order for children to grow up respecting themselves!!

A great man once taught me that a woman that respects herself is easily respected. I will carry that lesson with me always and I teach it to all that will listen… Are you listening??? There was a time that I was not, and I am now!
(note I said and and not but 😉 )

And my wise and amazing secretary Lisette always reminds me, “Remember, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!” by Dr. Wayne Dyer

I am a person of dignity, value and self worth!! AND I deserve to be treated in a sacred way!! AND so do others! I always treat others how I want to be treated, and I teach others how to treat me by standing firm in my own sacredness! I am my sacred space!

Today I, Kimspirational, will spend this day, January 1st, 2012 drumming, singing, laughing, playing, praying, humming, dancing, enjoying the finch and chickadees at my feeder, meditating, surrounding myself with crystals, listening to beautiful awe inspiring music… And whatever else I so please… Because that is who I truly am!!

I will do this for myself, for the world and for the children that have already come and have not yet been born. I will be spending my day preparing for HOPE to enter this world. It is through us… that we will see these changes happen.

This year I won’t dream it, I’ll be it!!!

Through me, HOPE will come!

HOPE will come!

HOPE WILL COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!


Happy 2012 everyone!

Remember to keep the Christmas Spirit in your heart everyday. This doesn’t mean giving gifts and spending money. The spirit lives when we take time to be our true selves, holding no judgment towards others, but rather being in acceptance of all that is… and being sure to walk this world gently so that all that comes is also gentle.

A special thanks to Krista Powers  for her amazing photography that she has donated to inspire the world this past year for this article and for this entire website. This website now gets 2000 hits a month with your help Krista POWERS!

Thank you!!

Thank you also to Patricia Bourque, who has her debut photos in this article as well. I am so proud of you Patricia!

Both girls have inspired me to no end.

And to my readers… I love you all!!!

Thank you!!