A princess lives her life needing or wanting nothing. She is provided for in all ways that the material world can offer. When the princess gets lost in the woods, however, no amount of material supply will save her. When the woodsman finds her, thank goodness, he feeds her from the land and helps her drink from the leaves of trees after a rainfall. He cares for her and brings her home to her King. The woodsman knows not to bow… the King soon realizes that of all the gifts he showered his daughter with, the one thing he left out was the gift of survival!” Kimspirational

My Dad is a woodsman btw! 😉 The most beautiful message he ever taught me was that we mustn’t fish for others, but rather teach them to fish and then we all eat well. Kimspirational

Imagine life as a Pacman Game and we are Pacman! The maze would be our journey in life and the ghosts would represent our adversities. If you ever played Pacman, you’d know that ‘standing still’ means GAME OVER! We can hit our head up again walls all we want, but if we want to get to our goal, no one but us can get us there! NEVER GIVE UP!!! If the game is too much, change levels or take a day off and when you go back to it, you’ll have a different perspective. 😉