“Why do some have it easier than others? The question to that is, ‘do they really have it easier though?’ We have the chance of living many lifetimes, some because we ‘want to’ and some because we ‘have to’; that is no a question. And so we sometimes lose pieces of us along the way. And so we are given a chance to rebuild our spirit. Each time we come back we can reconnect with that spirit and each time we do that, things just get better and better. How much work we put into it is up to us. The GOAL? Maybe, just ‘maybe’ next time we go back up..we won’t have to come back down. Heaven… awwwww.. and so… I’m making this one mean something. ‘Finding and seeking meaning and purpose in all that is’, the good, the bad… it all taught me so so much! Each time I hurt, I was reminded why I’m here… to build up and protect this spirit of mine and hopefully help others along the way…” 😉 Kimspirational