1459760_10202049182498623_649406758_n[1]ENOUGH FORWARD NOW- Recycling Trauma and Abuse For a Cleaner Tomorrow

Our Life Purpose is simple. We each came to Earth at this special time to clear the way for the next generations. The past 7 generations lead the way for us and left us with many gifts that are usable and some that are best to be recycled into a more usable source of energy, that will lead the next generations into a Cleaner Mental and Emotional environment.  Kimspirational takes us on her amazing journey of healing and transmutation and shows the steps she took to be at her place in her journey today. This book is one to remember and pass on to others. It includes stories of others who found their way past tribulation and into triumph and tools, positive meditations and exercises to help others begin their own journey of healing.  This is one of those books you won’t want to put down.   $26.55 plus HST ($30)