The saying, “Old Soul” is used often and for a reason.  Many of us have lived many life times and have come back to Mother Earth to make changes for the world and to upgrade our karmic structure.  This time on Earth is bringing us to more peaceful solutions. We have lived many encounters on Earth where we did not experience such peace and freedom.  We are able to change events in this life like no other.

Who were we in other lifetimes?  Who were we to begin with? We have a pure and everlasting spirit, no matter what we did or who we were in other lives. Even within this lifetime now we find ourselves playing many roles. We are born into certain families that teach us what is needed for our mission here on earth.  Every family shows us functional roles and also dysfunctional roles.

Why do we learn about dysfunction? We have come to learn and understand what does not serve our spirits anymore. We are learning what does not help humanity and are more aware of what will work better in its place. In order for us to decide to get a new program for our computers, then often we are first made aware of the glitches in the old program that are slowing us down. We as humans are downloading new and improved information from the Heavenly realms that are raising our vibratory levels and bringing us to higher planes of earthly existence. We are upgrading ourselves so that we can once again enjoy Heaven on Earth.

Have humans ever lived in a Heavenly way? Atlantis and Lumeria are examples of colonies and communities that enjoyed Heaven on Earth. There was once balance on earth.  Sacred circles were once honoured and humans attained peace within them-selves and therefore created balance on our earth plane. When this balance was altered then the “altars” fell into the abyss of destruction.

We are builders here on Earth to reconstruct what worked on Earth and add more of what works….Who we were in our past lives is less important then who we CHOOSE to be in this lifetime. We do have positive skills from other lives that are important to re-discover in this lifetime and so this is why past life regression is sometimes helpful. Many wish to learn about their ‘Glorious” lives where they reigned as kings or queens and had high positions in society. The truth of the matter is, when we do past life regression we find out that we were not always living in perfect roles and therefore we built up karma that we came to this lifetime to alter in a positive and focused way. The karmic counsel knows all that we have been through on our full lifetime of journeys and hold many secrets and for a reason. If we know the high positions only then we will forget that we played a part somewhere along the journey of earthly destructions that lead places like Atlantis to fall. Again, who we were is less important than who we choose to be in this lifetime.

Getting to know our past lives in the right way entails taking an inventory of who we are today and what roles we have played and to find meaning and purpose out of it. For example, once a victim, one can now begin to be the teacher to show others how to respect themselves and to respect others. Once a fallen angel, we can now teach others to build self-confidence and learn to love themselves.  Who we choose to be affects others in many ways.  Choose wisely. 😉


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Date: March 28th, 2014

Course: Work Place Positivity

When: 6:30-8:30

Where: 96 Norwood Avenue, in room 224

Cost: $20 person

In this class, the angels will give us tips on how to create an awesome environment where workplace feels like play. After all, play is the Angels way. We’ll talk about Earthly workplace roles and how to make the best out of the ‘job” environment. This course will be helpful for anyone in a workplace environment or wishing to create a good working environment in any area where groups have to come together. Whether at work, at home or at places that we volunteer, teamwork is an important thing to learn and to teach others about. If you are looking to create behaviors that match the true desire of the group or company you are with, then this course is for you. We will discuss how to create “Workplace Culture” or a “Team Culture”.