I have something so special to share. Today here in Slovenia I had the great honor of meeting Peter Florjančič, a world Famous Slovenian inventor and former Olympic athlete.(http://peter-florjancic.eu) His successful inventions have included the perfume atomiser (The spray part of the bottle), plastic injection molding machines and the plastic photographic slide frame. He also invented the PLASTIC ZIPPER, plastic chains and he also proudly showed us his spaghetti bowl where you have a place in the bowl to set your spoon down.peter4

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The most amazing invention for me what the AIR BAGS!!! He invented airbags way before his time. When we asked why, he said that he was disturbed seeing cars going off the road while in Holland and so in his head he saw balloons at the top of the car on the inside saving people when they rolled over. Then he imagined the balloons all around. Because of lack of supplies and resources at the time, the idea was left to the wayside, however some years later another inventor picked up the idea from him and then, came what we know today as, air bags that save so many lives today.peter5

He showed us photos of the many famous people he met over the years, the many magazines he has been featured in and he told many beautiful stories of his younger days when he was in his prime. For 96, he was still quite the charmer. He hung with Royals and he even wrote songs that singers made famous.

I tried to film an interview I did with him but my phone kept freezing and so we only had a few photos together but it is a memory that I will take with me for a long long time. I did manage to ask him a couple of questions and he volunteered some information we weren’t expecting, hahaha which showed his great sense of humor. He said one of the best inventions may have been Viagara, but it is one common invention he never uses, as once a day is already enough for him at 96 years of age. Well with his charisma I would believe it. He wanted to know if I was marred and when I said no he sat taller and really laid on the charm haha. We had many great laughs together. He sang to me at the end a beautiful French Piece and wiggled his way into my heart forever.peter6

I asked him the following:
1. How do your inventions or ideas come to be?
He said: I look at you and I can see what you are wearing. You have shoes on and a dress and a sweater, and it’s like I will spot something that is missing and I create it for you.

2. What would you like to tell young people today that are wishing to change the world?
He responded with stating that kids today need to just put their computers away and pay attention to life. He said they need to get out there and they will see inspiration all around them, like pretty girls he chuckled.

I proceeded to Charm him back telling him he was the best looking 96 year old I ever met and that I was sure he must have invented a cream to look so good hehe.

What an opportunity and a real blessing.
Love and Light From Slovenia,

Light, Love, Peace, Trust, Wisdom, Harmony, Abundance, Healing, Strength, Wisdom…