The 21 day/Meditation/Prayer ~ Kimspirational Challenge!

I challenge you to say the Following meditation prayer that I have posted below, for the next 21 days. See how spirit works through you in a good way. Then after or during these 21 days, I invite you to send me your story about how your life changed in some way after this challenge. If you like, I would like to post those stories on my website so that people can read about inspiring stories to inspire themselves.

Who knows… your story may serve someone in an incredible way. Every time someone sent me stories that I posted on my website before, emails and facebook messages (Kimspirational Readings via fb) poured in from people who felt their lives had changed. So I decided to create this challenge to spread the light and the love.

It’ss no secret that I receive a lot of emails each week, sometimes over a 100, from people with their own challenges in their lives. Some days I want to open a column in the newspaper called Dear Kimme. Hehe. And it warms my heart when people work on themselves after the advice that I give them. It saddens me and depletes me when they don’t.

Sometimes answering everyone becomes my challenge. And so I asked spirit to help me find a way that I could help others in a good way. Today this prayer/meditation was given to me by my amazing guides, which I’ll leave nameless but I will be sure to put out an offering for them tonight and for the next 21 days to say thank you for handing these teachings over so I can help others further and faster… Please share with whom you like. Through me but not by me



The 21 day/Meditation/Prayer ~ Kimspirational Challenge! Say this for 21 days and allow spirit to show you the way…

Creator my name is… and I am so happy and grateful for yet another beautiful day here on Mother Earth to work on my precious spirit. I give thanks for the ancestors that came before me and for the women who gave birth, to all of these ancestors, so that I could be born and come here to do what it is that I came to earth to do. I know that I am here for a purpose and I thank you for showing me what that purpose is. I am open and willing to be shown what I can do to help the inhabitants on this Earth and the spirits who guide her.

I come to you in the most humble way, asking for meaning and purpose to be shown to me for all that has happened and I thank you also for helping me throughout my day to find meaning and purpose in all that will be.

Creator I have had, what humans call, challenges in my past and I thank you for all of them. I thank you for the teachings that came with them and as a result I look forward today, and each day that I am here on Mother Earth, to help others along the way as a result of the personal learning and information I have acquired through those past challenges.

I thank you for placing love in front of me today, paving my way as I walk softly on this earth, clearing away any obstacles that are not part of the Divine Plan and replacing them with good. Anything that I may have absorbed that is not mine, I ask that it be changed to good and anything that I took on for others, I ask that it be removed and sent to the light for healing and transmutation. Anything that I have done to others that did not serve their spirit, I take full responsibility for and I ask that you lead me in a gentle way to heal these old things from my past that I have done to others so that I may walk forward in a good way to experience the good that is designed for me and to help others achieve their own potential.

And for those that hurt me in my past, I ask that you help me see through the eyes of gratitude today for all that they taught me. Each of them taught me that nobody can hurt me unless I give them permission. Help me be strong, Creator, in who I am and remind me that no-one can inflict upon me any harm or pain which I do not give permission of.

Help me live, today, in a way that I put no expectations on others; and in an unconditional loving manner which does not hold anyone back from their personal choices and leads me ultimately to choosing for myself in a good way. Help me also live unattached to the outcome of events, situations and people so that I may not set myself up in a way to hurt myself through expected anticipation.

I ask for and thank you for abundance to have financial freedom in order to help people achieve their potential and to have the financial freedom to not be as limited as I currently am here on Mother Earth in spreading the Light and the Dream of HOPE to others.

Creator, I thank you for all that I will face in the future, for I am learning that it is all meant to be so that my spirit can be nurtured, cleaned and upgraded. This is my decision alone and today I decide to nurture myself in a good way. I want to be pure so that when one day, I leave my body; I leave in the purest form of unconditional love…

…so that when life fades like the setting sun, my spirit will come to you without shame. I HAVE SPOKEN Taken from ‘The First Nation Prayer’

To all my Relations…

In the name of Oneness…
Unconditional Love and Purest Divine Light



This has been a Kimspirational 21 day challenge that I hope lasts this lifetime and into the next.

Through me, but not by me” Kimspirational