What is a house clearing?

Every object, space and spirit holds energy. As our human-self encounters new experiences every day, we all affect the environment around us with our thoughts, feelings, and actions. With time, the residue of this energy adds up and may become heavy and affect our mental / physical / emotional / and spiritual selves. A house or environment picks up and collects residue the same as our bodies and auras do.  Maintenance is needed for both our bodies and environments.

As we would clean our house, do our laundry or shower our body, cleaning the energy in our environment is an important part of our well-being.

We may also need to clear Earth Bound Spirits from our home and lead them to the Angelic Realm for Heavenly assistance.


Do I need a Psychic / Medium to do it?

Asking a well known professional who has done house clearings before may be fitting if that is what you are called to do.  It is important to ask them questions and ensure that they call on proper Heavenly support to do so.  In my instructions of how to do house clearings (in my upcoming courses), we will learn to let the Archangel Michael and his band of Mercy take care of it. It is our job to set the proper intention and ask clearly and specifically for what we want. Therefore, we all have the ability to do this for ourselves. Getting the proper training before you do so is very important and highly recommended.


How often should I do it?

As often as needed! Once you do your first house clearing you will notice the difference in the energy. As you continue to do it, you will become more sensitive to recognizing when it is needed as you follow your intuition.

You can develop your own routine to maintain the energy, and then do thorough clearings when necessary.


Where do I start?

As intention is key, we will first need to start with clearing our own energy field (Aura and Chakras).

In requesting assistance from Heaven, it is important that we be respectful both with ourselves and with the spiritual realm.  We need to understand that the spirits that may be stuck on this realm are not always looking to stay. We can act as facilitators to help them cross over in a safe and respectful way. This is through the use of Archangel Michael’s unwavering faith and Heavenly assistance.   Therefore, we will treat these clearings as a sacred ceremony. We may give an offering as an exchange of energy.


How is it done?

There are many ways you can go about doing your clearings. You can use sound, crystals, smudging…. The trick is to learn what feels best for you.