Dearest Guardian Angels…

(A 21 Day Meditation/Prayer Challenge~ with Kimspirational)
Dear Guardian Angels, from Heaven above, I call upon you now. My name is… You are my blessed protectors and spiritual care takers. Thank you graciously for all that you do and all that you will do for me, while I learn to walk softly on this Earth. Oh Heavenly Celestial Beings, Light the way. From the moment of my birth, and in all lifetimes, you have walked by my side, saved me and accompanied me while I experienced all aspects of the light.

You are my Instructors, my Guides, my Masters and my Friends. How blessed am I to have such an amazing team seeing from above through a bird’s eye view and leading me each and every day. You are my GPS (God’s Pointing System). I have learned through my own commitment to myself to call upon you each and every day to protect me, my loved ones and the world and so I do that now. Guide me today and every day towards my own intuition, such as my gut feelings, my dreams, my self-awareness and awareness of others.

Thank you for delivering messages to me through my emotional sensories. I have come to understand that you are speaking to me through these feelings. I thank you for helping me detect my true path and for aligning me with my truest intention so that my feelings are always good.

The joy in which you purify me with, each and every sunrise and sunset is like a baptism of my soul and my entire existence. Thank you for watching over my innocence in all areas of time and for holding my beautiful inner child in the light no matter the times I may have abandoned my innocence or allowed negative to penetrate me. My Guardian Angels, thank you for ensuring peace is always within my heart and for never allowing me to diminish my confidence in my own goodness. Thank you for guiding me towards that which helps me take charge of my words and actions. Help me to embrace the virtues of my soul and may these virtues be implanted in my personal experience here on Earth, so that I may bring goodness to Mother Earth and to all her inhabitants. Pave the way with light before me, so that I may do this safely today and every day. Thank you for leading me to all good things and to all good people. Help me to know when I need to alter my path so that I may stay on track always. Help me fulfill my Destiny and my Divine Purpose.

I ask you, my Guardian Angels to pray for me today and every day. Buoy my faith in any areas of my life that I am working on being faithful in. Hold light around any areas that I may be altering or enhancing. Help me to attract that which will align me in Respect, Honesty, Trust and Love.

Conduct me safely through this world of illusion and help me see Peace and Love in every corner I turn so that I may see clearly and with concision. Strengthen my cause by supporting anything that I ask that is of the Highest and Divine Will.

I ask the Archangel Michael of God to walk with me today and to work with my Guardian Angels to Protect me and to put a Bubble of Unconditional Love around me, which is the purest form of Protection. Clear away anything that is not serving my spirit in a good way.
My Dearest Guardian Angels… bless me and my loved ones on Earth and in Heaven. Wrap your wings around us. Protect our hearts and renew within us our upright spirits… May the infinite love of the Creator be our Universal Wisdom and may we seek the highest form of guidance during this Earthly pilgrimage. May we persevere and attain enlightenment and ascension on this journey. May we achieve the integration of the soul’s journey, in which we came for.
Creator I have spoken…
~Written by Kimspirational
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