Well Hello to you and you and YOU from the Beautiful Mountainous land of Slovenia. As we are now into June, we can expect some powerful energies to surround us this month.  April and May touched us in many sensitive areas planetary wise, with Mercury Retrograde hindering plans and slowing us down.  A lot of people mentioned being emotionally drained and mentally strained, the last couple of months. You may be glad to know that relief is coming. We just need to work with the tides and be a free agent to the universe, in order for us to feel a sense of balance.

It will be very important this Summer to boost our energy and raise our vibrations.  The angels are showing me very clear signs that we are shifting as a society and that we have some choices coming up. One, being to simplify our lives, so that we have less internal struggles, and, so that we can align with the universal shifts that are coming. Shifts don’t necessarily mean a bad thing.  However, the angels are drawing higher vibrations down to the Earthly plane and if we are not ready for it, we can feel the crunch, so to speak.  We may feel pain in our body, anxieties or flu-like symptoms or unexplainable sensory issues in the next few months if we don’t slow down and allow the little luxuries of life to entertain us.  This means letting go of the synthetic world and quieting our minds and simply getting outside.

Secondly, we are being pushed further to grow on higher levels of consciousness. This is easy when we have no problems and when things are going smooth. But how do we stay conscious, when things are topsy-turvy?  We need to be aware of each moment, within each step that we take. Being aware of what we are doing and not just be there doing it without thought. Eg., if we are cutting the grass, cooking or watering flowers, we need to do it consciously, every day, not just on seemingly hard days. By learning to be aware of the small things everyday, it is like we are constantly doing a walking meditation.  This makes us balanced, stronger and less sensitive to uncomfortable situations that may occur from time to time.

Being in Slovenia has been a blessing and a significant shift for me. Allowing myself to not miss home, for example and the comforts came with, has been a challenge and yet a type of spiritual practice at the same time.  Missing things like my own bed, my office, or even people has made me aware that when I was home I wasn’t always conscious and practicing gratitude in all things.  Of course, I gave thanks everyday for home and people and situations and even things, but being away has reminded me to go even deeper and that we need to constantly be in the now. By doing this, then things like people and places, are new to us each time we see them. By staying conscious, we don’t let things get old.  Relationships don’t get stagnant and we begin to see life again through the eyes of innocence.

Living in a country where I don’t speak the language is a great reminder of how powerful words are.  Also, we get a sense of how many words we use in the run of the day that are just fill in words.  When you only know a few words in a language then, when you speak those few words and get understood, there is much greater meaning.  And when you understand just a few words back, you appreciate every little sound, murmur or song within the voice of person speaking to you.

The angels have been showing me that we are a great number of people on this planet coming together as one. As individuals, we are sometimes so engrossed in wanting to be at a higher level and thriving on teachings from this person and then the next and yet when it comes to the simple things, we can’t quiet our minds enough to be ok with nothingness when the time comes.  We busy our minds looking for signs and we get many, but then we just ask for more.

The angels remind us that this is a year of deepening our senses.  If your computer shuts down, or your screen breaks on your phone, or your T.V. set is on the blitz, then you may be getting messages you didn’t ask for.  However, these messages are loud and clear.  The energy that the angels are bringing to us will not support electronics or material items.  In fact, this year you’ll notice yourself becoming more and more sensitive to electronics, internet and radio frequencies and microwave frequencies.

If we are not connecting with nature this year, we will find ourselves more irritated, having less energy and frustrated with trying to get things done and feeling much like a hamster on a wheel.  We are being asked to stop getting in the way of Heavens help and also to stop putting so much lower energies into the airwaves, via cell phones, internet and radio, etc., as we are blocking much needed Heavenly vibrations that can and will sooth us on much higher levels then material items ever could.


A Prayer to lift Your Vibrations

Dear God and Angels,

Thank you for raising my vibrations and clearing away anything that does not serve me in a good way.  Protect me from any Earth made frequencies and chemicals that lower my vibration and keep me from being the high energy being that I am.  Thank you for sending thousands of angels to the Earth to sweep away any lower frequencies that lower the quality of thoughts within humans, especially within me and my Earthly Loved Ones.  Clear away anything I saw, heard, felt, thought, spoke or did that did not serve me or others in a good way.  Thank you for showing me clear signs before my energy is lowered; to remind me to plug back into nature, and do things for myself that will raise my vibrations quickly. Help me crave healthful foods, clean drinking water and clean fresh air, each and everyday.  Open up time in my day so that I may be able to add these things within my daily routine in a conscious, balanced way. Thank you for my abundance in all healthful areas of my life.  Not necessarily what the human me sees as abundance, but show me abundance from the eyes of my spirit.

Thank you for showing me where I can improve my life and how to do this in “easy for me” steps.  Encourage me by sending me uplifting and inspiring people, and situations each and every day of my life here on Earth.

May the blessings of Heaven be bestowed upon each individual on the Earth.

May Earth and Father sky kiss one another through my consciousness today and everyday.


Much love,