Swaying grass, butterflies, Roses and curving hillsides are in my view as I venture out with my bicycle. Here in Slovenia they have the iconic baskets on their bikes. Am I dreaming or did God send me to this place, where nature would wake me with its warm kiss on my rose colored cheek on this beautiful day?

I pause and pick a flower and remember how important each person is that taught me who I am these past years. Each individual I did a reading for helped me tap in further to my gift and I am most grateful. At times I was so tired that I didn’t have time to take these gracious moments and just go biking.

I had many unique opportunities while visiting Slovenia and one I was a bit weary of but grateful for all the same. When Zaria Magazine asked to interview me I got weary of their reasons why, but as I had the article later translated for me I realized deeper what some might go through when getting a reading.

On the front cover the article read, “A Session with a Canadian- Can You Really Speak to the Spirits of the Dead?” Its a wonderful article. The Interviewer was a non believer and was asked by her boss to take me on as a “project”. The spirits ended up turning her into  their own project, bringing her on a journey of discovery. By opening up to the reading, it brought her deceased Grandfather an opportunity to prove to her that he was with her. Firstly, by answering things no one could know and secondly, not even her, until later when she checked in with her living father and found out that the information was correct.  I admit i was a bit weary doing the article because I knew the interviewer was out to prove me fake, but I decided it was not about me or even her, but rather about the spirits that lead her to me. For example, the grandfather and others that she researched and proved to be correct.

She begins the article by talking about how I sat back eating an apple and asking what she wanted to get out of the reading.  It ended in giving me tears knowing that one family was now at ease, knowing ‘grandpa’ is ok and still there with them in ways each could now know.

I am grateful knowing that my gift could be used for good. In each moment I do see life like eating that apple. I often teach that if we can eat an apple everyday and love it the same as the first time we had an apple, then we can know we are content and also not looking for something more to make us happy. I was once allergic to apples and one day through natural healing I got past that allergy. So eating an apple now without my throat swelling up is a miracle I now enjoy when I can. She took my eating the apple as a sign that she could feel comfortable with me. I took it as I am comfortable with myself.

Many blessings to you Sweet Earth Angels.

I look forward to being home in Moncton starting mid September til mid November. If you would like a session during that time, please see my website to book a time that works for you or email kimspirational444gmail.com

Photos by Šimen Zupančič

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