Love Is
Love is recognition of a song
Never heard by mortal ears;
A sound only found within the soul.
It is a tune much too complicated
For the greatest of minds to decipher,
And much too common to be orchestrated.
Love is…

Love is a sensational wind
Never to be felt by another.
It is a calm, much too comfortable
For an embrace,
Much too satisfying to suffice.
Love is…

Love is a story
Never before cherished by a better;
A magnet so forceful, it’s weak.
It is a sunset much too alluring to perceive;
Much too encompassing to ever fade.
Love is…

Love is too non-definable to ever really touch or be touched.
Only love is real. It is the only thing that can’t be destroyed.
The body can fail and even pass, but love… love lasts forever.