The caterpillar

“The caterpillar that prepares itself for metamorphosis, doesn’t look to see if anyone is watching. It is unaware of it’s surroundings or what is to come of it. Those who stop, squat and watch… are entering that caterpillars world just before the most amazing thing happens…All that the caterpillar knows will soon die and as a result a miracle will occur! First though… he must go into the darkness to find the light!” Kimspirational

The Artist…

Dedicated to my anscestors.
Thank you for never giving up on me
And still bringing me my lessons no matter
how long it takes me to get them.
Thank you Great Grandfather Pat,
Grandfather Joe… and Uncle Joe,
Grandfather Pat Williams
And to my Grandfather Ray Thistle
whom I adopted as my own
I miss you…
And many others
Wherever you are…


The Artist…
there she goes again…
cant anybody hear it?
that voice
it sings inspiration into her ear
that cry for perfection; that mystic whisper…

Does it ever really go away?
Was it ever really there?
a piece of work
each stroke, a separate line
randomly connecting to make the whole
each making no sense…
without the other


together impossible
One…in the universe…
it’s there that he lingers

The Muse
there he goes again
travelling back and forth
…here and there
never settling
always twirling in circles…
he will never interfere
Yet, he nudges, caresses
sweeps his hand over hers and waits
he allows the artists hand
its gentle, steady glide makes its own stroke
one.single movement; eternal lasting effect
and hes gone


She looks up. wondering…
yet less confused somehow…
she could have sworn he was just there…


Love Is…

Love Is
Love is recognition of a song
Never heard by mortal ears;
A sound only found within the soul.
It is a tune much too complicated
For the greatest of minds to decipher,
And much too common to be orchestrated.
Love is…

Love is a sensational wind
Never to be felt by another.
It is a calm, much too comfortable
For an embrace,
Much too satisfying to suffice.
Love is…

Love is a story
Never before cherished by a better;
A magnet so forceful, it’s weak.
It is a sunset much too alluring to perceive;
Much too encompassing to ever fade.
Love is…

Love is too non-definable to ever really touch or be touched.
Only love is real. It is the only thing that can’t be destroyed.
The body can fail and even pass, but love… love lasts forever.

The Soulmate Within

I have searched all my life
For my soulmate…
And always felt lost.
I woke today and realized…
I am the soulmate I have been searching for
I have loved many…
Not realizing that I was
Actually the soulmate for everyone else…
I am love
I am peace
I am joy
I am the dove that sits outside my window
I search no more
I will continue to love
I will be loved again
I am loved already by me
I am the one
It was me…
It was always me!!!
I am the soulmate within
that everyone is looking for…