I had the great honor of taking the Sound and Light Healing course from the charming Shaman from Peru, Pierre Garreaud. I can’t find the words to describe how beautiful the experience was. We did several different healing that went deeper and deeper into what turned out to be a blessed clearing that I have been working for so long to achieve. What would have taken months to sift through on my own came out in two days.

Pierre’s confidence in who he is was so encouraging. His voice was that of many guides, angels, and cultures singing all in one. Those of us that were shy in the beginning felt encouraged to sing along at the end. His enthusiasm was contagious.

He kept asking us to look within and see who we “REALLY” are. I couldn’t understand what he meant by this at first. Who am I? I am Kim I thought, I am someone who wants to inspire the world. I realized by the end of the weekend what he was really saying. Who was I in another lifetime? Who am I that I would come back and want to inspire others? Though I will keep the answer to that question to myself, I will say however that I am not who I thought I was. I am not just Kim. I am Kimspirational for a reason. All of us are here to do something special. What Pierre didn’t do is give us easy answers, but what he did do was clear all the blocks that we had put on us by family, social, religious and even personal beliefs that had been holding us back for so long.

With the blocks I was Kimspirational, but without the blocks I am not only Kimspirational but I am able to see for me now. I am able to see what my real purpose is. One must not only serve others in our Divine Purposes but we must also serve ourselves.

I thank you Pierre for bringing me the gift of clarity and discernment. I will forever be greatful. And I also thank Dana Brouwer who held the course out of her shop in Salsbury, back in Colpits Settement (All Creatures, Crystals and More, 86 Lawrence Colpitts Road ) 372-5098. She will be holding another course by Pierre in October. Limited space.

You can learn more about Pierre Garreaud through his website as follows: www.soundlighthealer.com

Love and Light,
Kim Doucette (Kimspirational and so much more to come…)
Moncton, N. B.