“A Fish Out of Water”: To the Doyle Family of Miramichi, New Brunswick, Who Mourn Their Missing Father, Charles Doyle

To the Doyle Family of Miramichi New Brunswick, never forget how precious you are to others, no matter how miniscule you feel your efforts are… your work will have expondential ripple effects for others for years to come. You have reminded us all what true love is…

There was a recent article in the Moncton Times Transcipt about 3 men from my hometown, who found remains that are believed to belong to their father and Grandfather, Charles Doyle who went missing last September in a wooded area. I dedicate this blog to them and to the entire search team that endlessly searches still for over 90% of Charles human remains. However, somehow I know Charles’ spirit has walked with them, guiding them all, from the beginning. http://timestranscript.canadaeast.com/search/article/1433163

Charles Doyle was my neighbour growing up so this particular case is closer to home then a psychic/medium cares to get involved with. Though I was mentioned in the article, please know it is not my intention to draw attention to anything more than a deserving family who I care for and love. They need our prayers and support. It was the family that drudged through those woods for a year and it is them alone that deserves the praise. I am saddened to say I didn’t push further that last day I was there. It will always sit in the back of my mind, ‘why didn’t I push a little harder. Why Couldn’t I see more… Why?’. Although, I know well it is harder to see for those you are closer to then it is for stangers.

Everything happens for a reason and in my heart, I know that Charles and the Spirits, at large, knew and still know what they are doing. Every family has something to heal and I feel that the Doyle family did just that this year. I also believe that they needed to teach my childhood community, Miramichi, and beyond, something about acceptance, perseverence, and above all, unconditional love for a father and for one another. I have never seen a family affect that community like they have.

They have brought us all to our knees, helping some believe in something long forgotten…


They never gave up… And I don’t think they ever will. A major percentage of Charles is still missing. As I write these words, they are still out there in the bog with unwavering faith that their Dad is still “fully” coming home. They push through, delving and sinking in bog, with depths that most wild animals would steer away from. The article doesn’t show the extent of that bog. I walked through it myself to understand the intensity that they are going through on a daily basis.

The Doyle family is very dear to my heart and I ask the public for prayers for them now and for months to come. Though the skull found has not yet been identified, there is a knowing in the families hearts that it is Charles. After months of search teams scouring the wooded area nearby where Charles was last seen, the family is ready to put this nightmare to rest and put their lessons to good work. I just hope they realize how much they are loved in the process.

Looking back, I realize Charles gave me the earliest teachings and I must say, boosts for who I am today as a psychic. My journey has not been an easy one. In fact, I hid my talents for many years, attempting to avoid the teasing that came anyways and I was not understood by many, even myself. I was a saucy kid, and I wouldn’t sit long enough to listen most days, but Charles made me listen, teaching me something valuable that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. He said to me, “Kid, they will make fun of you. They won’t understand you. But I want you to know that I believe in you. I know you are here to do something special and one day, it won’t matter what they think of you now. You’ll use your gift to help many people.” I had never told anyone at that point in my life that I was who I am… It haunts me now remembering his words that ring true only now that he has gone missing.

I cry writing those words, ashamed that I didn’t work harder in finding him and I ask for forgiveness from both Charles and the family for not finding him personally. Not for glory, but to honour his teaching.

Afterall, he helped me find me… “a fish out of water!!!”

Many Blessings… Many well wishes… Many deserving restful days.

Thank you Paul Doyle for mentioning me in the article. It was absolutely unexpected and appreciated. Thank you to all the Doyles for bringing our community together as one. I may be able to go home again… “fully” as myself… I’ve travelled the world, literally, running from showing my true self to those I grew up with… no more will I roam…


Peru Part 2

After taking the Sound Healing Course with Pierre Garreaud back in June 2010 I knew that I needed to go on tour with him in Peru. There was nothing that would hold me back. The feeling was so strong. I knew that it would change my life forever, and yet I did nott know how much. I raised the money I needed to go and away I went on the adventure of a lifetime.

Peru was what dreams are made of; hillside villages with cobblestone streets; whispering winds; falling stars under delicious night sky lines; incredible rock placements; sacred Inca sites; breathtaking switchback mountains that were so steep that one had to tread carefully while hiking. I was up there so close to Heaven, all the while, looking down at ancient cities with earth tone buildings and Spanish decra shingle rooftops, wondering what century I was viewing and if it was the Incas themselves that currently lived down there… Why did it feel so much like home? One cannot really say, accept for glimpses of what I know to be past lives that wanted to show themselves to me. People in Peru spoke from the pureness of an untouched flower. They were connected to the earth’s energies and they stopped to talk to flowers, to blow prayers into them… they listened to the call of birds… and they understood them!! All was simple, and life was uncomplicated, the way it should be everywhere… the way it was in my memory from those past lives…

Two weeks went by quickly, though, Pierre made sure that we spent every moment with intent and so we worked intensely, alongside 6 Shamans in total; each their own style and way and each just as powerful and humble as the other. We climbed steep mountain tops to do ceremony and sent our prayers out in valleys and in sacred huts and in places where few tread. These ceremonies varied, though each day we witnessed and helped make sacred despacho-mandalas, where we blew our thoughts and prayers in the cocoa leaves and placed them with an intricate circular and colourful display of many different materials and then wrapped it all up like a gift to the spirits and burnt it afterwards and sent our intentions up to the ethers. These materials included seed, rice, flowers, pasta, sweets and more. It was intricately breathtaking and deliciously displayed…enough to want to eat it. We climbed almost every day on a different mountain and sang out to the winds, the earth, the sky, the animals, the four directions, the ancestors and all others under the creators love and protection.

So many things happened in 2 weeks. How does one begin to tell the tale of the journey I took? I honestly feel that the time lines that we crossed and the information that I took in were lifetimes worth and though it is vivid in my mind, there are few words of script to fully explain what happened on this sacred pilgrimage to sacred ground. I was in another galaxy for half of the trip and for the other half I was exploring the unexplored matter of universal wisdom and beyond. I felt that I could understand what the explorers must have felt like, returning with documentation of another world of things, that could only be understood by themselves alone; the eye of the beholder. The world will explore it for themselves one day. Twelve of us journeyed together in multi-dimensional time and space. The past life connections were undeniable. We had journeyed together before and knew one another’s rhythms before even meeting. In fact, without having descriptions of one another, we approached one another in the airport knowing who each was. That was an experience in itself. Others thought we were bold walking up to one another and knowing… “Hey are you _____?”

Of course when one thinks of Peru you think of Machu Picchu and that part of the trip was a must and absolute highlight. As I entered this sacred site, I first felt sadness of losing one another, the 12, in other lifetimes. I remembered mourning one another and being one of the last to remain. I knew that I would heal my heart being there. The feeling was overwhelming and yet soothing at the same time; a knowing I cannot fully understand and a calming I have never before felt. Whatever happened in the past did not matter. What was important is that we came back together that day, in this lifetime and opened up an energetic gateway that is best described by Pierre himself. Check out his website: The experience will blow your mind!!!!! I am still wrapping my head around it. www.soundlighthealer.com

In short, we knew we were there in Machu Picchu to discover something big. We were all searching for something that would be a key to our inner journey as well as an understanding of why we were all together and what our mission was together. My nephew, Jesse, and I both had visions before I left and knew of a key that I would find while on those sacred grounds. My native teacher even had a vision and told me to look for something that day that was out of the ordinary.

Interestingly, we all seemed to stop at one particular area and there were many signs that stopped us and made us listen to our inner knowings. Pierre discovered a rock that had an inscription on top that from a distance looked like an old key or key holder. Pierre lead us into an experience of a lifetime, where we energetically turned a key that opened up a portal that would send out healing to the world like a ripple in a pond. Many of my friends felt the shift back in Canada and texted me that day and evening telling me they felt I had found the key I was set out to find. The feeling I had was next to amazing.

The group came together at that point and did our own kind of ceremony, where we collectively turned the key with our energy and asked for a great healing for ourselves, the earth and mankind. I left with a deeper level of universal understanding. A light shown forward that day. It was our own light and it expanded throughout this world and beyond the cosmos. Writing about this experience would be a whole book and so, as mentioned above, please do go to Pierre’s site. It says it all. www.soundlighthealer.com

Though all of the Shamans stand out in my mind as great leaders and healers, there is one in particular that I will walk with me on my journey always, that is Don Martin. The first time I met him the group went to his home. He welcomed us all into his healing room. A huge stuffed condor hung on the wall behind him. I remember Pierre telling the story about when Don Martin was a child and the condor landed near him at his birthday party. They caught the condor and had it in captivity for six months. Don Martin’s dad died, immediately after the condor died. Now, as Martin prays to his dad the condor will appear and will bring him messages about his father and also told him that the condor will help him with his healing work. This is why Don Martin was known as the Condor and was respected by many. The Condor does not work with just anyone, as the spirit of the condor was quite strong. I was so honoured to be in the presence of such a great leader and the spirit and medicine of such an important winged one. Don Martin cleared all of us before we journeyed to a sacred area that is known for its UFO sitings and of which foreigners have not yet discovered.

That night we travelled for many miles up mountains and set up tents for the night. A beautiful yellowish ring formed around the moon. I only saw that one other time in my life. That night was when I had finished my studies with Doreen Virtue in Hawaii and wow did my life ever change after that night. The funny thing is, since arriving home to Canada, I have seen it a few times. More changes to come???

The next day I climbed to the top of the mountain with Don Martin. There were only 4 foreigners that chose to make this journey and we were also the only 4 foreigners who have ever laid eyes on this secret place to even many Peruvians. We climbed up to Imanco, the lagoon at about 16,000ft above sea level. I could not believe it when they told me. Of course we had driven several miles to get to the foot of our 5 hour climb. We went to the sacred lake on the very top and did a beautiful ceremony that I will never forget and that which I have no words to describe. Something in me was dying. I could feel it deep within. I wasn’t sure which part of me it was, but it was starting to fade. I needed to let it go. I left it with the mountains to find its own journey.

Don Martin found flat rocks, that seemed impossible to find, but he intuitively went straight to them and placed them in sequence next to the lake and put flowers all around them. Some of the flowers flowed towards the center of the lake. Though cloudy, they were so bright and beautiful and the light shown off the lake and I watched the clouds pass by and the eagles in the distance. The condor showed itself briefly and by the time I saw it, it was a speck in the sky, but a speck is all I needed to feel its magnificence. It was the second condor we saw that day. One soared past us while we did a ceremony and asked for healings midway up the mountain with the whole group earlier in the day.

I admit before the journey of the climb began at all that day I was still wavering whether or not I would stay, even after all the beautiful and encouraging words I received that told me that I could continue to climb and that I needed to continue with my healing. I sat at the foot of the mountain and I cried and cried. Again, this was behaviour I usually would observe but would ordinarily never conduct. “I did not know myself”, I thought. “Who am I?” I was really feeling out of it. Don Martin came to me and with a translator he told me words that I will never forget. I did not fully understand what he was saying at that time though.
“You have a war against you. You are the little eagle. Eagles don’t cry. Eagles don’t give up. My father taught me the way to survive in the Andes. He told me to never show my weakness or that would be the end. I learned how to work with the plants, the animals. What to eat and what not to eat. I became the Big Eagle by not crying. Wipe your eyes and stand up and walk with me.

I tried not to cry, I really did, but I think the tears came even fiercer at this point. I just wanted someone to see how I felt, how weak I was and I just wanted to be carried for once after all the people I carried on a daily basis. I was sooo tired. He put his cowboy hat on my head that had a feather stuffed in it, unique to my former knowledge. I had never seen a feather like this before. It almost reminded me of an owl feather. He told me that if I stopped crying he would help me with my life and that I would bring things to me that would make me very, very happy. I prayed that he would hear my silent prayers for so many areas of my life.
Don Martin had more to teach me that day. He told me again, that there was a war against me, but not to fear and not to give up, not ever. I would soon understand. He told me that I hold a golden key. He said it was very important to know my key well but to never ever tell anyone what that was for and what that key did. He said the condor and the eagle wanted me to keep climbing, that there was a reason I was to be at the top.

Don Martin said they wanted me there so much so that they would carry me up that mountain if they had to. Well just as he said that my left leg (this is no exaggeration at all) moved forward. My head whipped around to look at Don Martin and I asked him in my mind, “Did you just do that?” He laughed out loud and then found my right leg again lurching forward on its own. I said to him, again in my mind, “You did do that you turkey!” A hardy, echoey laughter, one that I have never heard before, yet seemed so familiar, roared over the hilltops and I released myself to this new and exciting energy that kept me moving at a speed that I would normally not be able to obtain at such elevation and such an incline. I kept this pace behind or beside Don Martin for at least one half hour. I knew right then of this man’s healing power and abilities. I knew that he was preparing me for something bigger. Before we reached the lake there was an opening at the top before the decline which brought us to the water. If you were to put a curve at the top of the opening. It would have looked like a key!!! The Golden Key perhaps! I said nothing to no one. Keep in mind; he knew nothing about our key experience in Machu Picchu. I just walked through the opening knowing that like the ring around the moon, I was about to take yet another flip. At this point I was not worried which part of the churn I was on. Any way felt upside-down and everything felt right. The altitude was beginning to get to me and my ear was beginning to hurt.

The next day was another highlight of my trip and important in my own journey of healing. We went to a wonderful woman Shaman called, Don Houlias. She asked me my name and when I told her she said that Kimberley, meant a whole nation and that I was a leader of a nation. I was humbled by her kind words, though I instinctively knew what she meant. I have a lot of people to love. That is no secret.

I was holding my ear and trying hard not to ruin anyone’s experience with my aches and pains. Inside my mind I wanted to wag my arm in the air and beg to be helped, but I just felt so humbled. The altitude had gotten to my equilibrium. I was dizzy and the infection was starting to set into my left ear. I have never felt pressure in my ears like I felt that day. I wished I had stayed in town while the others climbed the mountain by bus. I knew this powerful shaman could help heal my ear, but I was afraid to let go, knowing she had just lost her husband this year and not wanting to intrude on her by my silly ear infection. I had taken Homeopathic medicine that I knew would work quickly, but when she asked what I wanted to have healed, I reluctantly pointed at my ear. I was thankful afterwards that I did, as my ear became the least of my worries.

I soon after ended up with a bowel infection and needed to finally ask a different Shaman to heal me. Funny how when you deny the self, the body will respond to your disharmony. I realize now that spirit was teaching me to ask for help without guilt. Three days of diarrhea, nausea and dehydration will bring you to your knees and takes away a shyness to ask for help in a hurry, let me tell you. “Help me!” Simple words, but so so hard for me to say… at least until that moment!

Off to the Rainforest we were. Wow, when that heat hit me, I can honestly say that my body went into a shock. Going from the high altitudes to the almost sea level is a shift in not only altitude, but also energy. I was becoming very dehydrated in a hurry and yet I could not make myself drink. I was trying to stay in good spirits and one minute to the next was different, in both energy levels and mood. I was actually feeling grumpy in the heat. Usually I am the one shutting air conditioning off and loving the heat. The hotter the better, and this time I was I was out of character. We went for a dip in the pool to find it surprisingly cold. I wanted to cool down but my fevered body was not able to transition to such a temperature. I left the pool in a hurry. I ate what I could that night, turning in early. I slept a lot in the rainforest… and yet it is where I fully awoke…

Our second night in the rainforest is the event of a lifetime that most dream of happening to someone else and yet would think it would be cool if it happened to them. I had a moment in time that took me out of my body, not once, but several times. My condition was worsening at this point. I tell this not to talk bathroom talk but I was really starting to hallucinate and disconnect. For a clairvoyant, hallucinating is normal but I knew something was really wrong. I was not able to keep any water down and things were starting to make me feel closed in and vulnerable. I had to succumb to my fear of asking for help and finally told Pierre how bad it was getting. He immediately called on the local Shaman that was going to be doing ceremony with us that night with the Ayauasca plant. Pandura was his name. He was rough and tough, like John Wayne and he came into my hut with a tea remedy and with limited English, instructed me to sip the brew slowly and meticulously. I sipped it with intention and without asking what the tea was made of. Later, upon my return home I found out through my wonderful friend, Krista Wiaz (the prize winner of the most amazing photographs) that the healing teas for such things were made from Beatles! I was glad I did not ask at the time I was actually swallowing the tea…Eeek!

The tea made me feel a little drunk, I admit; it made my head swim but I was warm in a good way and numb where I needed to be. I finally stopped running to the washroom every few minutes. I was reluctant to go to the Ayauasca ceremony that evening but my guides assured me that it was important and that it would be the ultimate healing like no other. Well, I agree to that now that I have the hindsight.

The Ayauasca is known by the locals as the vine of death. It is used in ceremonial usage only and is for opening one up to other worlds, the ethers and opens up the third eye. It is used in some cases to rid unwanted addictions and also to help clear away any events that did not serve you in a good way which may have happened in this lifetime or any other lifetime. I had some things to release!! In a word, it was psychedelic! I took it with gusto!!! Immediately, having had very little food in my system and being drunk off beetle juice, it hit me like a rock. I am very sensitive, as is, and could never have cold pills in my system without hallucination so this was a trip let me tell you…

Taking the Ayauasca helped me recognize who I truly am. It helped me delve deep into the good and the bad and to neutralize the lower self and raise it up into the higher dimensions of the higher self. I have no regrets and I add my experience only to help others understand that healing is a journey of the soul that one must take some day. If we do not deal with ourselves in this lifetime, we must face ourselves in another. If we push down feelings of pain and suffering and do not release it properly then it will have to come up some way and some day. I hope that my experience of healing will happen many times again but in a way that I don’t have to go through the lower parts of myself. I would rather be connected and be able to connect with my higher self always. I learned at my body’s most vulnerable moment in time, that I (the real me, the soul within me) wasn’t the weakness that wanted to give up to the darkness. I was the strength that wanted to go back into the body and not give up. I went back for the others and most importantly, I went back for myself… All in all I came up out of my body about 6 times and I have to admit I almost didn’t come back to tell this experience…

This is an excerpt from my journal of some things I saw with my Ayuasca experience:
Geometric shapes, kaleidoscopic figures and shapes, colour, cartoon characters, circus rides and clown faces, a singing moose, cats, Archangel Ariel coming very feminine, dark places, something kept pulling me out of my body and had a difficult time staying in, saw past life as a peasant or gypsy where I had no shoes, open gloves on my hands and had to steal food in order to survive. All were poor around me and I endured great suffering in that lifetime. Dark, dreary, all the pain I ever endured, deep buried past events.

I saw deep inside my infection. It was right in front of my eyes. It was like a black snake that he pulled out of me that ate all the infection. He pulled out stuff that went many lifetimes and especially all the stuff I carried from this lifetime. I came back up to the upper world slowly but the gradual incline felt beautiful and airy. Color started to come back to my visions and I did not feel as scattered.

Pandura did a psychic operation, smoke, Pierre appeared as a Viking, saw doctors enter the space, I was flying around the room, I left and went home to my house in Canada and crawled in bed, to have my partner, wake me and tell me it was time to go back and that he would see me soon. I felt so much deep love after going through the lower world and seeing all the pain and suffering that I pushed deep inside of me. It made me realize how much I had been keeping in.

I got sick on the floor where everyone had to walk. I spoke to Mother Ayausca and asked her to be gentle with my healing and she told me she was as gentle as she could be. Sparkles on the ceiling and the windows lit up like it was daytime outside. I was a bit confused and thought it was actually morning in real time as I could see the forest as plain as day but it went back to the candle lit room eventually. My partner’s dad came to me in spirit and knelt beside me and said he was with me and told me “No more pain baby!”  That is when Pandura did the spiritual operation. He sucked out the infection and spit it out and then did something like a psychic incision on my stomach and hauled out the black snake that ate up all the bad stuff. Pandura smoked his pipe and I could smell different pipes being lit up as if the spirits were celebrating and also using their own instruments to send healing to everyone in the room. I was able to feel everyone in the room at the same time that I was experiencing my own stuff. It was amazing! I heard others throwing up and could see tiny matter of geometric shapes constantly, even for what they were upchucking. LOL. I was even able to feel and see dust falling. Everything lit up like I had x-ray vision. At one point when I flew up in the rafters, Krista was sitting up there and looked like a fairy. We talked briefly about all the amazing turquoise colours that were suddenly swimming and bathing everything.

The Shaman called me back into my body one more time and then I finally came to into real time. The Ayausca started wearing off. When my stomach started rumbling, I knew I was defiantly healed.
One could say why write about the above experience, but you know, how could I not???

Since my arrival home, I have felt so much clearer. My guides and angels come to me clearer and I walk with my own stuff daily and but I don’t carry it, instead, I send it up into the ethers, knowing that it is not worth carrying anything that does not serve me and or the universe in any way. I am clear and free of all burdens, all suffering and you know, I like this way of living a whole lot better… I’ve stopped putting that war up against myself!

I fly with the eagles now… where I belong.


Part One “My Story That Lead Me To Peru And To My Own Healing”

Well hello everyone and thank you for such a warm reception upon my return from Peru. I am so happy and grateful to have so many interested in my journey and decided to respond to the many requests about telling my travel tales. I didn’t know I was that interesting really. Ha-ha.

I decided to write this journey in 3 parts. I will begin by explaining how I decided to first go to Peru and secondly about the trip and 3rdly I will talk about how it changed my life. Let’s begin back in June 2010 when I met a Shaman here in New Brunswick who was from Peru, as that is really when and where the journey first began….

Part One:
I always wanted to walk with a Shaman and learn the natural ways; the path of old, the ways of the earth
and to flow with and ride the waves of spirit. I wanted to listen to the smells, to talk to the wind and feel my direction with my eyes closed. I wanted to learn to watch and learn the meaning of things, like why the birds dip their wings as they pass by and what direction they are flying to and why. I decided it was time for me to step up for spirit and to find myself blowing in the wind. I wanted to know where I would land and what seed I had to offer to the earth. I wanted to know what I would grow into and where I belonged. One day, I decided it was time to wait no longer. I called on my guides and told them I needed a teacher, one that would empower me, protect me while I learned to fly and one that would take me to the top of some far away mountain top, where I would stretch myself, push myself to the limit; where I could find myself, and open my wings. I prayed hard for this and then suddenly Pierre came along.
I took a sound healing course with Pierre Garreaud in 2010 that changed my life. Being from a musical family, sound has always been a major part of what kept my head held high in low moments and helped me always have a tune in my heart. In fact, I often got in trouble in class for being a chronic hummer. I whistled, sang, and hummed a ditty without even realizing it. I was very much in tune with myself, I now realize. I also realize that others were not in tune with themselves and that is why they were noticing the sounds and getting annoyed with my innocent sounds. I was drawing something out of them with my inner music that they were not willing to look at quite yet. Often these were my teachers that complained the most. A child’s song from the heart should and will make anyone see their true light and will show that child just that.

I dreamt as a child that I was a Raven. I told my family that I knew what their cries meant, that one mate knew the secret code of the other, but that their messages were no secret to me. I told them that when one mate died that the other still sang a song of love for the one that went away. Of course, my family laughed and told me I was sweet and imaginative, but couldn’t see that it was the reason why I cried uncontrollably and couldn’t eat my supper that day. I felt sorry for them, people, that they could not understand the Raven’s call. Each message was beautiful and unique; like a mathematical equation, each was coded and had special meaning. Like a universal symbol, the Ravens call was simple by itself but it had a different meaning for each tone, each length, each variation of numbers that were combined with it, that to some just sounded like a bunch of annoying caws.

The day that I met Pierre, he explained about our own personal sound that we are, how we all resonate differently and react differently to things, depending on what sounds we allow in. I listened intently as he talked about the universal sound, the sound of the earth, the sky, the water and all things and as he was explaining how we are all connected, I started to hear a very loud heartbeat. I realized that while Pierre was connecting to the Divine sound and the oneness that everyone in the room was naturally beginning to do the same thing. I was hearing the heart of the group and it kept getting louder and louder and I could feel it under my feet and in my chest at the same time. The universal heartbeat was thumping underneath the floor and it increased its throb as he taught.

Pierre looked at me strangely, partly thinking I wasn’t paying attention, as my head was whipping around in all directions, but also because he knew I was seeing, feeling and hearing beyond what some of the others were sensing at that time. While Pierre was explaining “Om” to us, the sound of the universe, I could see his aura expanding. He was being empowered by talking about sound, music, and about the inner self. I was amazed and taken back by the symbols that started forming around his head and out of the blue, numbers and equations started circling around the room. There was a separate intricate and secret-like code above everyone’s head suddenly. Pierre kept expanding in energy and directly affected the rest of us. Our own codes started blending with his and with one another’s. He was not taking energy from us, he was empowering us. We were joining forces and suddenly purple and blue and bright and white lights started intermingling with the codes and I realized I was seeing the guardian angels of each one joining us all in one massive, rejuvenating circle of Holy Love. By helping us remember our own sound, the one we knew while in the womb, Pierre was bringing us back to that beautiful equation that we all started with, that unique sound called “SELF”. I knew right then and there that this was the Shaman I had asked my guides to bring to me. Little did I know that the Shaman I asked for would also be a professional light and sound healer. Funny thing is, because I love to sing and am too shy to do so in public, I had also asked for a music teacher that would teach me at my energetic level and would understand my sensitivities. I’d never felt comfortable enough to let my wings out like that before; not around any humans that is, but I found them waving and floating with this beautiful energy. The thing that amazed me the most was when a Raven flew by and Pierre too noticed it and listened intently to what it had to say. We spoke the same language. Few had ever heard what I heard before…

What many don’t realize is that we carry the karmic left behinds of our ancestors in our DNA’s. We carry the pain and suffering that our ancestors did not clean up within themselves and within their families before they passed on to the higher dimension. We actually carry seven generations of mess ups and choices that others made before us. This can be a lot to carry and if we don’t get rid of this load then it is possible that we cannot let go of our own stuff that we obtained from this lifetime. What we need to understand is that we don’t need to hold on to anything but love. How do we get rid of 7 generations of caked on soil that weighs down our souls? It all starts at the root. It is important that we ask our ancestors to please come and gather up anything that they left behind.

Pierre got us to lie down on the floor and to do breathing exercises and to prepare ourselves before asking our ancestors to come do their clean up. This is a very emotional thing to do. One would think it would be easy to lay there and ask in all humbleness for those before you to come take away those things, but honestly it’s not. Carrying others things is a kind of burden, that when we become aware of it, we don’t know who we are without all that pain. To top it off, it takes guts to look up and say, “Hey Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandpa! I have a bone to pick with you. I endured generations of abuses that I carried all of my life because you didn’t have the guts to stand up to your seven generations of ancestors and ask them to clean up the crap that they left behind for you. You did some bad things and you left not saying sorry to one person you left behind. How could you? Because you drank and abused your wife and kids, I got the brunt of your behaviour. I was the one that came to earth to absorb it all for the family. Do you know how hard of a job that was? I didn’t like feeling so sad as a kid. I didn’t like hating myself and not knowing why. Did you know I took a bunch of pills at 14 years of age and tried to kill myself? I almost couldn’t take it. Where were you when I was raped? Why didn’t you stop those bad guys from hurting me over and over again? Why didn’t you warn me? If I had to carry your stuff, why couldn’t you have had the decency to come and help my dad not drink? He went through so much emotional turmoil, knowing that it hurt us and didn’t know why he did it. He cried a lot as a child too. He lost his dad so young. What about the abuses he endured? Where were you? You got away with it all, didn’t you?” Whew!

Facing the 7 generations can be tough. Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandpa got nothing compared to some others. I had two sides of the family to face all in one shot. I had a lot of releasing to do. Breathing wasn’t cutting it, but once I relaxed and came to the conclusion that I needed to forgive before the clean up began, then the tear facets were released. Great, Great, Great, Great Granpa came and explained that he too carried pain of others before him. I was not only crying for me. Everyone’s pain worked its way through me, even his. I was the instrument, I realized for not only for the ancestors but for my whole family. It dawned on me that when they came to clean up for me that they were cleaning up for my whole family. The significant part of a 7 generation clean up is that they all come. When you’re clairvoyant, you can see the spirits coming. Some literally had brooms and dustpans, while others came and stood beside me and blew smoke into certain parts of my body and into several chakras. Some came distraught and other generations came looking very evolved, angelic and even Saintly. I could tell who had done their work on the other side and who hadn’t and they could also see right through me. I was completely transparent. They knew what I was still bitter about and what needed a little work on. I relaxed further and further as each layer was lifted off of me. I felt lighter and lighter and eventually the tears stopped. I knew then that I was left with my own stuff, the things I chose to carry and those 7 generations took no responsibility for my crap and I don’t blame them at all. It was mine to unload for those generations under me. Pierre’s beautiful voice carried me back to the now. I realized he was singing the whole time, banging the drum and ringing the bells and somehow brought all those beautiful spirits into the room and managed them with such charm and delicacy that the angels were now dancing in the room and swirling around our healing bodies. Wow what a weekend this had turned out to be and this was only the first day. Now it was time to heal Kim…

Read more about Pierre Garreaud at his website:


Encouraging Passion Through Compliments and Having Fun!!!

Oh Summer can get Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s a time when we feel more adventurous or we can feel a bit down on ourselves too if that bikini doesn’t look as good as it used to or if those shorts from last year can’t go over the hips. Here are some suggested compliments that can enhance passion and help one realize how wonderful they are. If you have no one to say it to or if you have no one to say them to you, then say it to yourself. Have a giggle. Make life fun. Keep in mind, that true passion and self-esteem comes from within and a great angel to work with is Archangel Ariel who is a master manifestor and loves to help us have courage and to love ourselves. I suggest to make up compliments with your mate. Write them on a piece of paper and put them in a jar. Practice taking them out once a day and have a little fun telling one another how wonderful they are.

Have an amazing Summer. I hear its gonna get even HOTTER! hehe

(a lover of compliments both giving and receiving.)

1. I want you to want me
2. Wow it’s sexy when you ______.
3. When you wear that _____ it really turns me on because ______.
4. Oh my, you are sexy when you______.
5. You are hot! Can you _____ to me?
6. What do you want to do tonight baby? I actually know a great place to go. It’s right here in my arms. (in the bedroom) Why don’t we go there right now.
7. Hey Sexy. Come on over here and love me.
8. Hey you, sexy! Come on over, I need you right now!
9. Hey Baby! I got a little something new to try on you!!!!
10. Let’s watch that romantic movie you wanted to see. I know it makes you feel good and I too want to celebrate our love together by doing that.
11. You look hot in those pants.
12. You make me hot and bothered when you move like that.
13. Open your arms and receive. I got something to give you baby!
14. Stop it, I like it!
15. Great view!
16. When I hear your voice I just lose my train of thought completely!!

Abundance of Affirmations for the Self is Key. I Am a Person of Dignity Value and Self Worth and There is No One that Can Tell Me Different!

“It is so important to do affirmations everyday. As it takes several non-affirming words and phrases to create the habit of putting ourselves down, it also takes several phrases to get ourselves back up on track.

When I was 15 years old a wonderful and wise woman forced me to stand in front of a mirror and repeat over and over the following phrase until I stopped pounding my fist and trying to run away from myself. I think we counted upwards to 50 times. “I am a person of dignity, value and self worth”. I still do mirror work and I use that one on a weekly basis. I’m not perfect, and I am the first one to admit it. One thing that I learned that I would like to share. is this; don’t ever look at someone and think they are higher than you are. If someone looks like they have it together, ask them their secret. If they tell you that all is perfect and that having it together comes naturally then they are lying. Don’t kid yourself, even the great ones had to practice! What I know about people is that we all have ego and so it takes practice, much like meditation to come back to the center over and over.

I’m telling you, I’m not asking you that you are wonderful. If I have to tell you over and over and over again until you stop pounding your fist and running away from yourself, then I’ll do it!!! You just have to change that programming that’s in you to convince yourself of this truth.”

Kimspirational, Moncton, N.B.

I am a very knowledgeable person.

I’m strong, fit and healthy.

I am surrounded by happy, loving people always.

I am open and I receive good in my life.

I am sexy, happy and I like myself.

I see beauty in everything and everyone.

It is my Free Will to be happy.

I am a desirable, beautiful being inside and out.

I am a person of value and I am open to receive all the good that life has to offer.

Life is a cornucopia of abundance.

My life is full of amazing opportunities.

My world rocks. Bring it on!!!!

Wow, I’m amazing!

I celebrate myself everyday in every way!

I am nurtured, body, soul and mind.

I love what I’m wearing. It suits me.

Crazy how I can remember everything.


I had the great honor of taking the Sound and Light Healing course from the charming Shaman from Peru, Pierre Garreaud. I can’t find the words to describe how beautiful the experience was. We did several different healing that went deeper and deeper into what turned out to be a blessed clearing that I have been working for so long to achieve. What would have taken months to sift through on my own came out in two days.

Pierre’s confidence in who he is was so encouraging. His voice was that of many guides, angels, and cultures singing all in one. Those of us that were shy in the beginning felt encouraged to sing along at the end. His enthusiasm was contagious.

He kept asking us to look within and see who we “REALLY” are. I couldn’t understand what he meant by this at first. Who am I? I am Kim I thought, I am someone who wants to inspire the world. I realized by the end of the weekend what he was really saying. Who was I in another lifetime? Who am I that I would come back and want to inspire others? Though I will keep the answer to that question to myself, I will say however that I am not who I thought I was. I am not just Kim. I am Kimspirational for a reason. All of us are here to do something special. What Pierre didn’t do is give us easy answers, but what he did do was clear all the blocks that we had put on us by family, social, religious and even personal beliefs that had been holding us back for so long.

With the blocks I was Kimspirational, but without the blocks I am not only Kimspirational but I am able to see for me now. I am able to see what my real purpose is. One must not only serve others in our Divine Purposes but we must also serve ourselves.

I thank you Pierre for bringing me the gift of clarity and discernment. I will forever be greatful. And I also thank Dana Brouwer who held the course out of her shop in Salsbury, back in Colpits Settement (All Creatures, Crystals and More, 86 Lawrence Colpitts Road ) 372-5098. She will be holding another course by Pierre in October. Limited space.

You can learn more about Pierre Garreaud through his website as follows: www.soundlighthealer.com

Love and Light,
Kim Doucette (Kimspirational and so much more to come…)
Moncton, N. B.