Oh Summer can get Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s a time when we feel more adventurous or we can feel a bit down on ourselves too if that bikini doesn’t look as good as it used to or if those shorts from last year can’t go over the hips. Here are some suggested compliments that can enhance passion and help one realize how wonderful they are. If you have no one to say it to or if you have no one to say them to you, then say it to yourself. Have a giggle. Make life fun. Keep in mind, that true passion and self-esteem comes from within and a great angel to work with is Archangel Ariel who is a master manifestor and loves to help us have courage and to love ourselves. I suggest to make up compliments with your mate. Write them on a piece of paper and put them in a jar. Practice taking them out once a day and have a little fun telling one another how wonderful they are.

Have an amazing Summer. I hear its gonna get even HOTTER! hehe

(a lover of compliments both giving and receiving.)

1. I want you to want me
2. Wow it’s sexy when you ______.
3. When you wear that _____ it really turns me on because ______.
4. Oh my, you are sexy when you______.
5. You are hot! Can you _____ to me?
6. What do you want to do tonight baby? I actually know a great place to go. It’s right here in my arms. (in the bedroom) Why don’t we go there right now.
7. Hey Sexy. Come on over here and love me.
8. Hey you, sexy! Come on over, I need you right now!
9. Hey Baby! I got a little something new to try on you!!!!
10. Let’s watch that romantic movie you wanted to see. I know it makes you feel good and I too want to celebrate our love together by doing that.
11. You look hot in those pants.
12. You make me hot and bothered when you move like that.
13. Open your arms and receive. I got something to give you baby!
14. Stop it, I like it!
15. Great view!
16. When I hear your voice I just lose my train of thought completely!!