Well hello everyone and thank you for such a warm reception upon my return from Peru. I am so happy and grateful to have so many interested in my journey and decided to respond to the many requests about telling my travel tales. I didn’t know I was that interesting really. Ha-ha.

I decided to write this journey in 3 parts. I will begin by explaining how I decided to first go to Peru and secondly about the trip and 3rdly I will talk about how it changed my life. Let’s begin back in June 2010 when I met a Shaman here in New Brunswick who was from Peru, as that is really when and where the journey first began….

Part One:
I always wanted to walk with a Shaman and learn the natural ways; the path of old, the ways of the earth
and to flow with and ride the waves of spirit. I wanted to listen to the smells, to talk to the wind and feel my direction with my eyes closed. I wanted to learn to watch and learn the meaning of things, like why the birds dip their wings as they pass by and what direction they are flying to and why. I decided it was time for me to step up for spirit and to find myself blowing in the wind. I wanted to know where I would land and what seed I had to offer to the earth. I wanted to know what I would grow into and where I belonged. One day, I decided it was time to wait no longer. I called on my guides and told them I needed a teacher, one that would empower me, protect me while I learned to fly and one that would take me to the top of some far away mountain top, where I would stretch myself, push myself to the limit; where I could find myself, and open my wings. I prayed hard for this and then suddenly Pierre came along.
I took a sound healing course with Pierre Garreaud in 2010 that changed my life. Being from a musical family, sound has always been a major part of what kept my head held high in low moments and helped me always have a tune in my heart. In fact, I often got in trouble in class for being a chronic hummer. I whistled, sang, and hummed a ditty without even realizing it. I was very much in tune with myself, I now realize. I also realize that others were not in tune with themselves and that is why they were noticing the sounds and getting annoyed with my innocent sounds. I was drawing something out of them with my inner music that they were not willing to look at quite yet. Often these were my teachers that complained the most. A child’s song from the heart should and will make anyone see their true light and will show that child just that.

I dreamt as a child that I was a Raven. I told my family that I knew what their cries meant, that one mate knew the secret code of the other, but that their messages were no secret to me. I told them that when one mate died that the other still sang a song of love for the one that went away. Of course, my family laughed and told me I was sweet and imaginative, but couldn’t see that it was the reason why I cried uncontrollably and couldn’t eat my supper that day. I felt sorry for them, people, that they could not understand the Raven’s call. Each message was beautiful and unique; like a mathematical equation, each was coded and had special meaning. Like a universal symbol, the Ravens call was simple by itself but it had a different meaning for each tone, each length, each variation of numbers that were combined with it, that to some just sounded like a bunch of annoying caws.

The day that I met Pierre, he explained about our own personal sound that we are, how we all resonate differently and react differently to things, depending on what sounds we allow in. I listened intently as he talked about the universal sound, the sound of the earth, the sky, the water and all things and as he was explaining how we are all connected, I started to hear a very loud heartbeat. I realized that while Pierre was connecting to the Divine sound and the oneness that everyone in the room was naturally beginning to do the same thing. I was hearing the heart of the group and it kept getting louder and louder and I could feel it under my feet and in my chest at the same time. The universal heartbeat was thumping underneath the floor and it increased its throb as he taught.

Pierre looked at me strangely, partly thinking I wasn’t paying attention, as my head was whipping around in all directions, but also because he knew I was seeing, feeling and hearing beyond what some of the others were sensing at that time. While Pierre was explaining “Om” to us, the sound of the universe, I could see his aura expanding. He was being empowered by talking about sound, music, and about the inner self. I was amazed and taken back by the symbols that started forming around his head and out of the blue, numbers and equations started circling around the room. There was a separate intricate and secret-like code above everyone’s head suddenly. Pierre kept expanding in energy and directly affected the rest of us. Our own codes started blending with his and with one another’s. He was not taking energy from us, he was empowering us. We were joining forces and suddenly purple and blue and bright and white lights started intermingling with the codes and I realized I was seeing the guardian angels of each one joining us all in one massive, rejuvenating circle of Holy Love. By helping us remember our own sound, the one we knew while in the womb, Pierre was bringing us back to that beautiful equation that we all started with, that unique sound called “SELF”. I knew right then and there that this was the Shaman I had asked my guides to bring to me. Little did I know that the Shaman I asked for would also be a professional light and sound healer. Funny thing is, because I love to sing and am too shy to do so in public, I had also asked for a music teacher that would teach me at my energetic level and would understand my sensitivities. I’d never felt comfortable enough to let my wings out like that before; not around any humans that is, but I found them waving and floating with this beautiful energy. The thing that amazed me the most was when a Raven flew by and Pierre too noticed it and listened intently to what it had to say. We spoke the same language. Few had ever heard what I heard before…

What many don’t realize is that we carry the karmic left behinds of our ancestors in our DNA’s. We carry the pain and suffering that our ancestors did not clean up within themselves and within their families before they passed on to the higher dimension. We actually carry seven generations of mess ups and choices that others made before us. This can be a lot to carry and if we don’t get rid of this load then it is possible that we cannot let go of our own stuff that we obtained from this lifetime. What we need to understand is that we don’t need to hold on to anything but love. How do we get rid of 7 generations of caked on soil that weighs down our souls? It all starts at the root. It is important that we ask our ancestors to please come and gather up anything that they left behind.

Pierre got us to lie down on the floor and to do breathing exercises and to prepare ourselves before asking our ancestors to come do their clean up. This is a very emotional thing to do. One would think it would be easy to lay there and ask in all humbleness for those before you to come take away those things, but honestly it’s not. Carrying others things is a kind of burden, that when we become aware of it, we don’t know who we are without all that pain. To top it off, it takes guts to look up and say, “Hey Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandpa! I have a bone to pick with you. I endured generations of abuses that I carried all of my life because you didn’t have the guts to stand up to your seven generations of ancestors and ask them to clean up the crap that they left behind for you. You did some bad things and you left not saying sorry to one person you left behind. How could you? Because you drank and abused your wife and kids, I got the brunt of your behaviour. I was the one that came to earth to absorb it all for the family. Do you know how hard of a job that was? I didn’t like feeling so sad as a kid. I didn’t like hating myself and not knowing why. Did you know I took a bunch of pills at 14 years of age and tried to kill myself? I almost couldn’t take it. Where were you when I was raped? Why didn’t you stop those bad guys from hurting me over and over again? Why didn’t you warn me? If I had to carry your stuff, why couldn’t you have had the decency to come and help my dad not drink? He went through so much emotional turmoil, knowing that it hurt us and didn’t know why he did it. He cried a lot as a child too. He lost his dad so young. What about the abuses he endured? Where were you? You got away with it all, didn’t you?” Whew!

Facing the 7 generations can be tough. Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandpa got nothing compared to some others. I had two sides of the family to face all in one shot. I had a lot of releasing to do. Breathing wasn’t cutting it, but once I relaxed and came to the conclusion that I needed to forgive before the clean up began, then the tear facets were released. Great, Great, Great, Great Granpa came and explained that he too carried pain of others before him. I was not only crying for me. Everyone’s pain worked its way through me, even his. I was the instrument, I realized for not only for the ancestors but for my whole family. It dawned on me that when they came to clean up for me that they were cleaning up for my whole family. The significant part of a 7 generation clean up is that they all come. When you’re clairvoyant, you can see the spirits coming. Some literally had brooms and dustpans, while others came and stood beside me and blew smoke into certain parts of my body and into several chakras. Some came distraught and other generations came looking very evolved, angelic and even Saintly. I could tell who had done their work on the other side and who hadn’t and they could also see right through me. I was completely transparent. They knew what I was still bitter about and what needed a little work on. I relaxed further and further as each layer was lifted off of me. I felt lighter and lighter and eventually the tears stopped. I knew then that I was left with my own stuff, the things I chose to carry and those 7 generations took no responsibility for my crap and I don’t blame them at all. It was mine to unload for those generations under me. Pierre’s beautiful voice carried me back to the now. I realized he was singing the whole time, banging the drum and ringing the bells and somehow brought all those beautiful spirits into the room and managed them with such charm and delicacy that the angels were now dancing in the room and swirling around our healing bodies. Wow what a weekend this had turned out to be and this was only the first day. Now it was time to heal Kim…

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