To the Doyle Family of Miramichi New Brunswick, never forget how precious you are to others, no matter how miniscule you feel your efforts are… your work will have expondential ripple effects for others for years to come. You have reminded us all what true love is…

There was a recent article in the Moncton Times Transcipt about 3 men from my hometown, who found remains that are believed to belong to their father and Grandfather, Charles Doyle who went missing last September in a wooded area. I dedicate this blog to them and to the entire search team that endlessly searches still for over 90% of Charles human remains. However, somehow I know Charles’ spirit has walked with them, guiding them all, from the beginning.

Charles Doyle was my neighbour growing up so this particular case is closer to home then a psychic/medium cares to get involved with. Though I was mentioned in the article, please know it is not my intention to draw attention to anything more than a deserving family who I care for and love. They need our prayers and support. It was the family that drudged through those woods for a year and it is them alone that deserves the praise. I am saddened to say I didn’t push further that last day I was there. It will always sit in the back of my mind, ‘why didn’t I push a little harder. Why Couldn’t I see more… Why?’. Although, I know well it is harder to see for those you are closer to then it is for stangers.

Everything happens for a reason and in my heart, I know that Charles and the Spirits, at large, knew and still know what they are doing. Every family has something to heal and I feel that the Doyle family did just that this year. I also believe that they needed to teach my childhood community, Miramichi, and beyond, something about acceptance, perseverence, and above all, unconditional love for a father and for one another. I have never seen a family affect that community like they have.

They have brought us all to our knees, helping some believe in something long forgotten…


They never gave up… And I don’t think they ever will. A major percentage of Charles is still missing. As I write these words, they are still out there in the bog with unwavering faith that their Dad is still “fully” coming home. They push through, delving and sinking in bog, with depths that most wild animals would steer away from. The article doesn’t show the extent of that bog. I walked through it myself to understand the intensity that they are going through on a daily basis.

The Doyle family is very dear to my heart and I ask the public for prayers for them now and for months to come. Though the skull found has not yet been identified, there is a knowing in the families hearts that it is Charles. After months of search teams scouring the wooded area nearby where Charles was last seen, the family is ready to put this nightmare to rest and put their lessons to good work. I just hope they realize how much they are loved in the process.

Looking back, I realize Charles gave me the earliest teachings and I must say, boosts for who I am today as a psychic. My journey has not been an easy one. In fact, I hid my talents for many years, attempting to avoid the teasing that came anyways and I was not understood by many, even myself. I was a saucy kid, and I wouldn’t sit long enough to listen most days, but Charles made me listen, teaching me something valuable that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. He said to me, “Kid, they will make fun of you. They won’t understand you. But I want you to know that I believe in you. I know you are here to do something special and one day, it won’t matter what they think of you now. You’ll use your gift to help many people.” I had never told anyone at that point in my life that I was who I am… It haunts me now remembering his words that ring true only now that he has gone missing.

I cry writing those words, ashamed that I didn’t work harder in finding him and I ask for forgiveness from both Charles and the family for not finding him personally. Not for glory, but to honour his teaching.

Afterall, he helped me find me… “a fish out of water!!!”

Many Blessings… Many well wishes… Many deserving restful days.

Thank you Paul Doyle for mentioning me in the article. It was absolutely unexpected and appreciated. Thank you to all the Doyles for bringing our community together as one. I may be able to go home again… “fully” as myself… I’ve travelled the world, literally, running from showing my true self to those I grew up with… no more will I roam…