A Glimpse Of The Other Side -A story of a woman who died and came back again

I had a chance to interview Sue Murphy on one of my many trips to Prince Edward Island. She experienced an out of body experience where you could say she died and came back again. While many would hide this experience and keep it to themselves, Sue was relaxed and eager to share. The priest she saw may have been Azrael, the angel of death, who often helps our past loved ones cross over.

Her choice of,  Do you want to live or do you want to die is a lesson for us all as we all have a choice. If we choose to live, what are we here for? I believe that experiences like this are blessings and we should all learn from Sues experience. We are all here for a purpose. Big or small, we are all important and should embrace life and not take it for granted. Light, Love. Peace, Trust, Wisdom, Harmony, Abundance… Kimspirational

Sue’s Story
I was in Halifax and had a major back surgery. After the 2nd day or so of the surgery I had a low blood count. I lost a lot of blood during the surgery. They were surprised at the amount of blood loss and they had to cauterize the veins. I was in a weakened state, my blood pressure bottomed out and I Had to have blood transfusions.

To me, my experience was that I went to the light. It was a beautiful iridescent light, like a cyclone that engulfed me. I was totally wrapped in it. It seemed to me that I was there in the light for a while. More than minutes. I cant express the time. It appeared to me that there was a priest there with the long black robe and the white sultan. He was carrying the incense and it was as if he was using this to carry the spirits. He had it in his hand but also it was like he was offering the Eucharist. So he had the chalice and the Eucharist at the same time.

When I was in that light, it was a choice. Do I want to go further or do I want to come back. I remember fighting to come back. I wasnt ready to be there yet. I just felt a struggle where I had to use all my strength to come into reality, is the only way I can put it. I don’t know why but I have questioned since why I came back and what I have yet to finish. I don’t dwell on it but in the back of my mind, its there from time to time.

They say sometimes that these experiences are the real thing and sometimes its your imagination. They say that if that type of image stays with you or that type of experience stays with you that it was a real experience and not just your imagination.

I questioned my daughter afterwards and asked if there was a priest present and she said no there had not been a priest.

From the experience I got that i wanted to live more than I wanted to die. Ive always been a spiritual person and always believed in God. He was part of my life, my companion, my helper. I think this experience did not necessarily bring me closer to God and it didn’t necessarily reaffirm it for me. I didn’t need that. However, it made me know that there is an afterlife, though.

This experience left me with questions. What does he want me to do? I know that I’m here for a purpose. I think probably to be a really great Bowen Practitioner. I practice out of Health Within Holistic Center, at 500 B Queen Street in Charlottetown, P.E.I. I am meant to help who I can. Its a hands on physical therapy that activates the nerve ending in the belly of the muscle. The sequence of procedures helps the body to realign itself. Therefore minimizing a persons pain levels. I know that I am here to help people rid their pain, to help them to the optimum level of health for that person.

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My mother had an experience of going into light too. She said it was a beautiful and peaceful experience and she didn’t want to come back. We think it was her heart problem that made it happen and her pace maker shocked her to come back. Dad died 10 years previous to that and she wanted to be with him. She lived to be 87 though. That was when Mom was 60.
Sue Murphy

“We may not always know what we are here for, but in the end we will be shown whether or not we did what we were meant to do. So embrace life. If what you do makes your heart sing, then you’ll know you’re in the right direction. If your heart is not singing, then… You know what to do. Find what makes your heart sing and never look back. Kimspirational

Not Afraid To Die! Karin’s Story As A ‘Cancer Carrier’.

“Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides”. Lau-tzu

I have been so touched and inspired by this wonderful woman, while rushing through life and forgetting to slow down and live. While I was there to help her work with her guides, it was me that was guided.

My name is Karin. I live in Charlottetown P.E.I. I want to share my experience about living with cancer and why I’m not afraid to die.

I’m a cancer carrier and not a victim. I dont feel like a victim. But for me having cancer changed my life. Not that its been smooth since I found out that I had cancer but when you know that death is going to be sooner then you expected, than you think of how your life is NOW. You think more about making preparations for your next life and journey into the other side.

I’m lucky that I have time to prepare myself and the people around me. It’s unfortunate that some don’t have that. It would be good if those that are left behind could just find some peace and know that their loved ones are ok and at peace themselves. If you’ve lost loved ones and if you stop and pay attention you will find that they are not far. They will let you know.

My sister Theresa and I have always been very close. She passed away around 20 years ago but we are still close. I know that she is with me and when I really need her she shows me signs that she is there. Since I found out that I had terminal lung cancer just over a year ago in February 2009 I have been shown just how loved I really am. I suspected it before but now I realize that it is not only the people in this world but also the people who have crossed over before me. I feel a lot of support from people coming to me and telling me they have been praying for me. It’s been more than a year since I got the bad diagnoses, but the amazing part is that I’m still here. I credit those who prayed for my well being for my continued presence here on earth today. On top of that I’m doing fine.

About 10 years ago my mom had a major heart event and actually went into cardiac arrest. She had an out of body experience . She said it was wonderful, beautiful and words couldn’t even describe it but she felt peaceful. She said she had no fear and she saw loved ones waiting, but it wasn’t her time.

When my husband and I told my parents about my diagnosis the first thing my mom said was Oh you are going to see Theresa!. It didn’t shock me, but she got there first.

There are so many signs that my past loved ones give me that I know that there is no coincidence and that there is defiantly life after death. I could tell so many stories of signs and symbols that I’ve gotten. I know they are always with me. My mom crossed over almost a year ago to the day and my sister died 20 years ago. When I do get to be with them, it will be a joyous reunion, as well as with my other guides..

I know when my sister sends me signs, for example, as these signs are undeniable. My siblings are all close, including my sister Theresa, the one who is passed on. Every time significant events happen in the family birds appear. They always appear at weddings, for example and we all know what that is about. Now it’s expected and sure enough, at my own wedding, August past, during a sunrise ceremony, it was like someone said, Release the birds. A spectacular flock of birds flew across the sunrise. We all had goosebumps and looked at one another. My family jokes that when we die we will ask mom and Theresa how to do the bird trick.

The morning after we got the news about my terminal lung cancer, I put my ipod on shuffle and the song Let It Be came on. That was my sister Theresas favorite song. The message I got from her was to let it be. Since then, whenever I have bad days, I remember to let it be. That is a sign. That is not coincidence that was really her.

Since my diagnosis Ive gotten a lot of advice from family and loved ones on how to beat this dis-ease. They wanted to fix me, but I decided I dont want to spend the rest of my life trying to not die. I want to spent the rest of my life living. Let it be! Just be and live in the NOW.

I was in Cuba when I was notified of my moms death one year ago. She was admitted with a major Cardiac event and the family was called in. My brothers arrived from New Brunswick the following day and when they arrived with my sister and they went into her room, they were surprised to see her chatting and laughing. They spent a really good day with her. They spent the time listening to mom talk about her excitement about joining her past loved ones and that when she gets to the next world she;d be able to do more for us. Dad came in room and she lit up and they called each other pet names. It was a really nice visit and then everyone went home thinking that she would be ok.

My brothers were to go to the hospital in morning to say goodbye to mom before they left for N.B. when they got a call that she slipped away. She died a lovely death, she planned that so well. In a sense, we were ready for her to go. But I really feel she is right here.

Do I fear death? No, because I see it as progress. When I leave this world I am quite alive. Maybe even more alive.

My two brothers practice the Bahia faith and so did my sister that passed. My brother Jeff talked about dying once. He said, “When we are in the womb we know that there is something beyond because we can hear it. It’s like we are inside growing your earth body. When you are in uteral, you do not know where you are going. You’re not sure what it is on the other side of the light. Your job in the uterus is to grow your physical self. In this life is where we grow our spiritual self to prepare for the next life.”

Living in the now: I feel that I’m lucky that I had my own business and worked hard and life was good. As soon as I was diagnosed, I sold my business and now I have more time. It’s been a year since I got the news and it’s been a great year. I spent quality time with the ones I love. I’m totally burning through my bucket list and I keep adding more things to that list.

I don’t know if I would have done all that without my diagnoses. Every day is a good day and if today I went outside and got smacked by a bus it’s all good because I got today. Every day is special. Who knows what will happen tomorrow but if tomorrow doesn’t happen then today is great. Janis Joplin would agree, I’m sure.

When I hear of an unexpected or a tragic death, my heart goes out to those that are left behind on earth. Those that have crossed over are just fine.

When my mom died it was all good in my head because I knew that I too was going to die, however I was real surprised that I cried when I saw her because of my view on death. What was this about, I thought? I realized I reacted that way because it was a loss and that it’s normal to grieve and cry. And when I came back from Cuba, I saw her laying there but she wasn’t there. There was this body that used to be my mothers and I had overwhelming sadness but that only lasted for the funeral and now I don’t feel sad when I think about my mother. I don’t want the people that love me to worry about my leaving. I talked to close loved ones to let them know I won’t be far when I’m gone but I don’t expect them to not be sad.

I tried to prepare my husband, but I think he’s in denial. His intellect knows I’m dying but he’s hopeful that it’s not going to happen any time soon. He’s also hopeful that our lives will be good until that time. He’s not good with talking about dying.

I want him to move on when I think about him being left behind. My kids have lives but my husband has me. It will directly affect him more I feel. We are together all the time. It’ll be more difficult for him I think than for anyone, but he’ll be ok. I know he has support in this world and I’m not going to be far from him, that’s for sure. We are really connected and I may have to remove my visible body from this world but we still have a spiritual connection and always will. I want him to move on and I don’t want him to spend the rest of his days alone. I think he needs to be with someone else and he would have no trouble finding someone. He’s so great! Mike and I have been together before and we will be together again. I have no doubt.

I feel like I need to clean up and work on something before I pass, so that I am not bringing baggage with me in my next life. I’m learning to speak my truth. I see it as, we are here with an agenda kind of thing and we need to work on our spiritual selves to move onto the next world. I don’t know how to figure out how to do that but I know I have to speak my truth and this interview now is part of it but there is more. I have forgiveness still to work on. It is not something I want to drag with me. My next step is to forgive myself and others in all areas of time; then, now and in the future. As some of what is going on now is carried over from the last time, I feel to do some forgiveness exercises in my past lives as well.

Rather than being afraid to die, I am afraid not to die. I love my life. Partly I don’t want to keep putting people through the emotional aspect of it and secondly I don’t want to come across as a fraud after people putting so much energy into me.

Having cancer is kind of like being pregnant and waiting for the baby to be born. You wonder, what will this baby be like? You feel uncomfortable in this body. You are going through a kind of process. You think, any day now! You know there is going to be a transformation at anytime and suddenly you do and you have this beautiful baby in your arms. This is how I feel, that I am waiting and uncomfortable in my body and getting closer to the metamorphoses. I’m waiting for the birth, for my “new life”. I’m excited for it!

If I could, I would like to leave this last message to people. Of course I would like to say “live each day like it’s your last”, but what I’m going to say is Let it be!


Also Check out this website. Karin’s brother wrote a book dedicated to a little boy who passed. Coincidentally, or should I say synchronistically, this boy was from my home town.